Synonyms for Shunt:


blowout, aquaplane, accident, broadside, blindside, bang up, breakdown, car crash, collision, break down. guide, advance, manhandle, take, roll, pass, transfer, budge. defibrillator, catheter, balloon, ecg, electrocardiogram, ekg, drip, electrocardiograph, eeg, drain. first class, class, second class, straphanging, coach, passenger, jump a train, rail, railpass. shunt (noun)
bypass, electrical shunt.


delegate (verb)
propel (verb)
compel, ram, thrust, chuck, cast, cant, bunt, project, toss, heave, butt, impel, fling, pitch, prod, lob, bowl, catapult, goad, precipitate, propel, shove, push, flick, launch, drive, sling, fire, pelt, hurl, throw.
swing (verb)
pitch, roll.

Other synonyms:

manhandle, straphanging, railpass, budge. roll. second class. first class, rail, transfer. coach, guide. pass. advance. class. take. Other relevant words:
electrocardiograph, budge, straphanging, pass, accident, electrical shunt, eeg, breakdown, bypass, transfer, guide, coach, catheter, blindside, class, broadside, drain, drip, advance, ecg, electrocardiogram, aquaplane, defibrillator, take, car crash, collision, rail, ekg, roll, passenger, manhandle, blowout, balloon.

Usage examples for shunt

  1. Shunt Now from the word of command, right through. – VC -- A Chronicle of Castle Barfield and of the Crimea by David Christie Murray
  2. One summer afternoon, when I had promised to go shrimping along the sands with Philip, I was waiting rather impatiently in the front drawing- room, watching Arthur handle some packets of coins he had just purchased and slowly shunt them, one or two at a time, into his own dark study and museum which was at the back of the house. – The Wisdom of Father Brown by G. K. Chesterton