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Other synonyms:

elevate, give the axe, pyre, gauntlet, crowd out, empty, implode, hearth, elan, give notice, conflagrate, air conditioner, idle, drive-by, cease, approach, bam, upgrade, inspiration, give the bounce, put someone on the spot, luminosity, molest, produce, sack up, wildfire, intensity, good time, discharge, preempt, crossfire, incinerate, free, disregard, energise, stop, dismission, brush off, emotion, send packing, plunder, complete, heighten, volley, dissolve, squirt, finish, lighting, concern, net, go off, temper, kick upstairs, evoke, fight, stir, call forth, inferno, give someone notice, emotion, brush aside, extract, release, squeeze out, come off, abscond, burner, burn off, flak, air conditioning, conjure, inferno, cycle, firing off, ignore, rear, sex, muster out, open fire, lay off, attack, barrage, potter, wind up, cross, white heat, gust, shooting, suggest, sunburn, intenseness, ardor, shot, sensation, drive out, undercurrent, send word, clap, grind, china clay, retire, brilliance, flak catcher, push aside, chivvy, exchange, burning, fire fight, bombardment, lift, go up, cross, advance, crucible, turn on, can, cut, eject, arouse, holocaust, nurture, chivy, vehemence, tin, awake, drop off, kindling, levy, bolt, spontaneous combustion, violence, cauterize, tone-beginning, enkindle, demand, acquit, antiaircraft gun, draw out, heart, central heating, invoke, bring up, burst into flame, friendly fire, chevvy, unload, burn, ignition, apprise, chevy, assoil, brilliancy, radiance, bite, spray, explosion, backfire, cut out, ack-ack gun, get up, sacking, go, sack, erect, end, feelings, displace, ordeal, pay off, detonation, wake up, flack catcher, exhaust, set down, clear, recruit, resurrect, enhance, pink slip, discount, report, crucible, passionateness, fusillade, send away, liberation, upraise, excitation, fervor, ignite, fervour, cauterise, knead, wake, bombing, potter's wheel, elicit, salvo, white heat, gauntlet, curtain, burn down, expel, exonerate, zealousness, air, exculpate, fire off, blast, sting, kick up, fervency, let off, plague, gunfire, harass, parent, attempt, put to, bonfire, promote, awaken, ack-ack, educe, grow, go over, genius, force out, gouge, flame, dehumidifier, provoke, kindle, eruption, interview, rout out, flack, pom-pom, passionateness, notify, prove, conflagration, onrush, boiler, a/c, incandescence, terminate, paint a picture, convector, flaming, pottery, fervidness, throw out, mood, onset, put up, perk up, kiln, pension off, ordeal, intenseness, decamp, violence, flame, ask, probe, dismissal, question, inquire, ceramics, ease out, dispatch, give the sack, advise, firestorm, ardour, pick someone's brains, cover, conjure up, burst, absquatulate, cock, come alive, burn up, good, load, blow, evict, make off, interrogate, usher out, onslaught, firing, engagement, intensity, slip, leaven, put forward, combustion, apprize, hassle, harry, vehemence, run off, scintillation, air-conditioned, call down, open up, farm, plan of attack, antiaircraft, set up, brace, waken, your inner self, beset, dismiss, blaze, raise, fuel, give the gate, cannonade, bang, flare-up, put down, aim, frame of mind, depose, dash, combust, drop, hot.

Examples of usage:

We went through two or three rooms, all lighted up and empty- the Duke sending a page to fetch M. Barillon out of the Queen's private closet where he was talking with her- into a little chamber that looked out upon the court, where there was a fire lighted. - "Oddsfish!", Robert Hugh Benson.

Hand in hand, they sat down together by the fire. - "The Mating of Lydia", Mrs. Humphry Ward.

Gibbons asked when they had sat down by the fire. - "Colonel Thorndyke's Secret", G. A. Henty.

Similar words:

signal fire, take fire, set on fire, Saint Elmo's Fire, Saint Ulmo's Fire, service firm, securities firm, take a firm stand, scotch fir, Santa Lucia Fir.

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