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stone - 223 results
rock (noun)

lava, shale, lithic, lithological, flinty, petrographical, craggy, calcified, petrified, sandstone, basalt, petrous, chalk, magma, adamantine, cragged, metamorphic rock, rock, marble, hard, become stone, obsidian, stony, granite, rough, petrographic, limestone, crystallographic, calcific, sedimentary rock, calciferous, rocky, lithographic, igneous rock.

Other synonyms:

scar, pock, sheer, deadly, aquifer, pit, steppingstone, acrylic, cu., fossa, flat-out, pitch, perfect, toss, utter, gemstone, outcrop, rock candy, diamond, rank, flat, rock music, beating, deposit, amethyst, dead, cardboard, categorical, concrete, cane, bushel, rock 'n' roll, acre, Oliver Stone, blank, flogging, unalloyed, damned, bodacious, carve, careen, butchery, oppose, unadulterated, earthen, edward durell stone, colliery, pure, blend, rock'n'roll, thoroughgoing, out-and-out, blanch, Midland, hiding, fair, all-out, sediment, crystal, pinnacle, straight-out, rock, bone, play off, agate, flog, tilt, match, area, scree, stratum, flesh, unmitigated, rock-and-roll, direct, flint, lob, shingle, fling, carat, downright, peelings, bruising, pectin, nether region, plumb, i. f. stone, emerald, dreadful, cotton-picking, definite, regular, throw, bed, unqualified, arrant, bedrock, Lucy Stone, nectar, carbuncle, aquamarine, total, precious stone, crashing, dextrose, treasure, glass, quarry, infernal region, stone pit, profound, cavity, elastic, butter, meteorite, muffin, pitfall, glazed, damn, horny, unconditional, gravel, BMI, lapidate, ct., chill, orchestra pit, clean, mark, juice, complete, centigram, beat, pebble, gem, sway, corporal punishment, hurl, blooming, chromatic, baguette, spar, hull, stark, peel, endocarp, consummate, the birch, very, point, garnet, simple, perdition, harlan fiske stone, alabaster, aim, cubic, lash, project, bake, chastise, outright, jewel, beryl, are, butcher, core, thorough, Isidor Feinstein Stone.

Examples of usage:

" I knew every stone in it. - "The Sand-Hills of Jutland", Hans Christian Andersen.

Too much stone over it. - "Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist", Alexander Berkman.

He sat down on a big stone at last, and wondered what he should do. - "Crusoes of the Frozen North", Gordon Stables.

Similar words:

set in stone, Swiss Stone Pine, shoe store, retail store, second-hand store, short story, sob story, silver storm, take stock, reverse stock split.

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