Synonyms for Gallop:


bridle, dismount, equestrian, bareback, break in, groom. fly, hasten, outpace, charge, be quick on your feet, surge. rate, tempo, momentum. gallop (noun)
speed (noun)
pace, rush, impetus, quickness, hurry, rapidity, alacrity, speed, celerity, velocity, swiftness.


course (verb)
scamper, scurry, scoot, surge, race.
dart (verb)
plunge, tear, bound.
dash (verb)
motion (verb)
run (verb)
canter, scamper, lope, scoot, run, tear, sprint, plunge, dart, dash, scramble, trot, scurry, race, bound, jog.
speed (verb)
hurry, rush, speed, dash.

Other synonyms:

bridle, equestrian, dismount, hasten, bareback. outpace. break in. groom. surge, leap. jump, fly. charge. hasten

Usage examples for gallop

  1. As it was, they were ten minutes late and would have to gallop every step of the way. – Jerry by Jean Webster
  2. But now another regiment of our cavalry, which had been out of sight up the river at the beginning of the fight, came down upon the Confederates at a hard gallop – A Narrative of Service with the Third Wisconsin Infantry by Julian Wisner Hinkley
  3. Perhaps he'll be all right after a gallop – At Love's Cost by Charles Garvice