Synonyms for Compel:


pester, threaten, drag into, badger. force, make, attack. compel (noun)
obligate, oblige, require, command.
force (noun)
force, study at force, enforce.


compel (verb)
galvanize, hijack, coerce, foment, press, urge, daunt, stress, motivate, bully, pressure, browbeat, incite, dragoon, intimidate, nag, stimulate, spark, bulldoze, oblige, dictate, cause.
force to act (verb)
constrain, coerce, bulldoze, drive, enforce, dragoon, oblige, impel, make, urge.
propel (verb)
bunt, impel, project, heave, ram, flick, propel, launch, pitch, drive, cast, prod, fling, fire, toss, hurl, chuck, precipitate, bowl, goad, butt, shove, thrust, throw, cant, lob, sling, shunt, pelt, push, catapult.
require (verb)
require, mandate, obligate, stipulate, constrain, bind.
social (verb)
oblige, obligate.

Other synonyms:

drag into, pester. enforce, badger. force. require

Usage examples for compel

  1. Can congress compel a territory to become a state? – Studies in Civics by James T. McCleary
  2. Because Martin loved her the rest of the world must also do so, and if they did not she would compel them. – The Captives by Hugh Walpole