Synonyms for Trial:


experimental (adjective)
hit-or-miss, pilot, analytical, empirical, probationary, preliminary, unverified, experimental, investigative, tentative, test, probative, benchmarked, unproven.
exploratory (adjective)


beta test, field test, dummy run, shakedown, acid test. court-martial, court, dissent, appeal, class action, law, committal, cause, hearing, case, action. ringleader, nuisance, troublemaker, bogeyman, investigate, an accident waiting to happen, mischief-maker, handful, bad news, bother, assay. crisis, stress, quagmire, worst-case scenario, nightmare, battle, experimentation. crown, challenge, championship, cup, stab, go, card, offer, shot, take, clash, the Commonwealth Games, try, bye, contest, close season. easy, crash-test, try out, put someone/something to the test, sample, crucible, put through. cross, over, heavy. pain, thorn. start. act (noun)
run, test.
adversity (noun)
casualty, adversity, hard luck, mishap, misery, grief, blight, poverty, misfortune, infliction, bane, agony, poorness, catastrophe, rainy day, peril, burden, distress, tragedy, misadventure, disaster, destitution, affliction, woe, contretemps, tribulation, curse, hardship, dolor, hard times, ordeal, torment, bad luck, trouble, calamity, difficulty.
competition (noun)
dry run (noun)
dummy run.
experiment (noun)
proof, verification, benchmark, investigation, experiment, research, determination, test, analysis, probe.
experimentation (noun)
try out.
legal proceeding (noun)
case, hearing, contest, action.
photographic print (noun)
tentative (noun)
probationary, trial balloon, temporary, preliminary.
test (noun)
shakedown, analysis, proof, stab, shot, trial run, investigation, experimentation, go, try, tryout, assay, experiment.
trial (noun)
trial run, visitation, experimental, run, pilot, tribulation, model, tryout, empirical, test.
trial run (noun)
trial run.
trouble, big problem (noun)
crucible, grief, nightmare, misfortune, tribulation, affliction, distress, nuisance, pain, visitation, bane, bother, burden, difficulty, hardship, woe, misery, adversity, thorn, ordeal.
tryout (noun)

Other synonyms:

shakedown, acid test, ringleader, troublemaker, trial balloon, field test, mischief-maker, experimentation, handful, bad news, crash-test, bogeyman, contest. case, shot, nightmare, stress, crucible, assay, challenge. action, try out, thorn. hearing, stab. put through. sample. cross, pain. straits

Usage examples for trial

  1. The trial continued for a week. – Madame Roland, Makers of History by John S. C. Abbott
  2. And that trial is his right. – The Sea-Hawk by Raphael Sabatini
  3. Yet I confess I should want faith to make the trial – Colloquies on Society by Robert Southey