Synonyms for Pitch:


B, chord, D, beat, crotchet, C, double flat, bass, DO. deed, thing, demonstration, act, action, operation, sound, tone, venture, course, activity. modify, convert, dart, vary, shy, turn into, transform, dash, reverse, alter, revise, make into. boarding, Uprear, brick, brownstone, board, upraise, adobe, asbestos, rise, cement, caulk, horizontal, aggregate. market, topple, nose dive, endorse, go down, place, spill, tumble, bill as, mail out, hype. disaster area, dust trap, aerie, center of excellence, dodge city, dumping ground, destination, roll, anchorage, straight, cradle, seesaw, yaw, cattle auction. airborne, aerospace, air pocket, airdrop, repetition, air traffic control, rock, air-to-air, airlift, aerobatics, airspeed, AIR CORRIDOR. court, publicize, build up, bleachers, Astroturf, cry, the bench, promote, the box, alley, advertise, crease, popularize, clay, plug, talk up, knowledge, ballyhoo. aggress, assault, convince, light into, beset, persuade, storm, spur, go at, dissuade, prevail on, attack, urge on, sail into, assail, have at. sweetener, hard sell, blandishments, dare, pressure, wiles, emotional blackmail, bait, shock tactics. base, ball boy, baseline, balk, ballpark, baseball, batboy, at-bat, ball girl. HIT, foul, double, bat, ground out, fly, catch, baulk. batting average, boundary, batsman, cricket, Gabba, bowler. diagonal. drum up, scalp, boost, tout, woo, solicit. emit, go, break, tap out, utter, let out. go about, come about, ground, capsize, founder, heave to, dock, cast off, hydroplane, heel. thud, hum, growl, clunk, moan, grumble, groan, drone. fully fledged, full-blown, fully grown, developed, full-grown, infantile, full-fledged, immature, growth, grown. have a tin ear, rhythm, perfect pitch, in time, voice, read, musicality, musical. act (noun)
golf (noun)
bunker, backswing, ace, bogey, birdie, caddy, bogie.
impulse (noun)
jolt, strike, knock, momentum, jog, shot, bump, jerk, punch, nudge, motivation, poke, impulse.
pitch (noun)
incline, peddle, cant, auction pitch, huckster, rake, slope, cant over, set up, sky, vend, monger, delivery, deliver, tar, pitch shot, flip, toss, lurch, tilt, pitching, sales talk, shift, gear, hawk, sales pitch.
plunge (noun)
dive, swoop, fall, drop, plunge.
resin (noun)
coal tar, gum, mineral pitch, lacquer, oleoresin, amber, bitumen, agar, rosin, copalite, guaiacum, gum ammoniac, varnish, algin, sealing wax, resin, camphor, chicle, mastic, gum shellac, ambergris, myrrh, balsam, asphalt, frankincense, shellac, tar.
slope (noun)
inclination, grade.
spiel (noun)
sales talk.
talk to convince (noun)
sales talk.
tilt (noun)
cant, slope, incline, dip, point.
tone of sound (noun)
urge (noun)
support, promote, aid.

n. & v.

flip (noun, verb)


contact (verb)
deliver, toss, set up, flip, sky.
dive, roll (verb)
go down, ascend, tumble, rock, rise, descend, drop, seesaw, plunge, topple, lurch, drive, fall, yaw, tilt.
plunge (verb)
propel (verb)
fling, pelt, drive, butt, toss, launch, thrust, ram, push, sling, hurl, cast, heave, goad, shunt, lob, flick, cant, chuck, shove, precipitate, throw, catapult, compel, fire, bunt, bowl, propel, impel, prod, project.
put up, erect (verb)
set up, place.
throw, hurl (verb)
heave, fire, lob, chuck, fling, launch, sling, cast, toss.

Other synonyms:

mail out, descend, ballyhoo, clunk, market, musicality, hype, bill as, wiles, shock tactics, tone, Uprear, drum up, perfect pitch, emotional blackmail, upraise, blandishments, endorse, grade. nose dive, emit, hard sell, thud, solicit, woo, sweetener, let out, popularize, dare, seesaw, tumble. tap out, utter, bait, publicize, direct, topple, spill. growl, dash, moan, dart, drone, grumble, musical, advertise, yaw. scalp, rock, pressure, aim, roll, rhythm, point, hum. sink, promote, groan. plug, place. cry, boost. read, dip. voice, sound. go, break. aslant
send off
Other relevant words:
incline, dip, shy, topple, ballyhoo, tilt, roll, grade, lurch, slope, sales talk, rake, inclination, set up, point, tumble, tone.

Usage examples for pitch

  1. But I know I must for Mother's sake, and I mean to pitch in and like it in spite of myself when the time comes. – Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1905 to 1906 by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  2. " Come and pitch into us again," came the laughing voice from out of the house. – The Club of Queer Trades by G. K. Chesterton
  3. What a country for a man with his family to pitch upon and live in! – The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope