Synonyms for Send:


commission, aggressor, battle cry, Beleaguered, bombed-out, active service, belligerent, expedite, accelerate, active duty, black out, air cover, advance, hasten, export, send forth, send in. give out, digital signature, utter, attach, sense, confer, attachment, ASCII art, dot, cross-post, copy in, blind copy, bounce. manhandle, cable, relay, shunt, roll, wire, pass, budge. awaken, inspire, arouse, ignite, route, affect, invoke, touch, provoke, have. form, make, invent, bring about, inaugurate, create, carry away, start-off, electrify, set off, trigger, thrill, catalyze. call, issue from, convene, muster, convoke, stream, summon, request, give off, spill, generate. drop, lower, descend, go down, slip, come down, plummet, lose your balance/footing, plunge, fall. send (noun)
charge, post, get off, broadcast, ship, transmit, place, transport, mail, air, beam, send out, base, send off, commit, direct, station, institutionalize, institutionalise.


motion (verb)
please (verb)
electrify, thrill, move.

Other synonyms:

parachute, pack off, copy to. farm out. route. electrify, thrill, refer. attach. beam
give out.
turn over.
carry away.
send forth.

Usage examples for send

  1. " Send him home in the car," called Anderson. – The Desert of Wheat by Zane Grey
  2. Why did they want to send him away? – Man of Many Minds by E. Everett Evans
  3. Did Neale send anything else? – The U.P. Trail by Zane Grey