Synonyms for Loft:


accommodation, apartment, bedsit, condo, condominium, digs, duplex, accommodations, bachelor apartment, bachelor pad. apiary, aquarium, beehive, birdcage, cage, dovecote, fishbowl, goldfish bowl, hutch. apse, cell, chancel, chapel, choir, choir loft, crypt, holy of holies, choir stalls. armory, armoury, arsenal, boathouse, bunker, cellar, closet, cubbyhole, cupboard, bonded warehouse. basement, downstairs, floor, gallery, level, ground floor, lower ground floor, the first floor. attic (noun)
garret, hayloft, storage area.
golf (noun)
ace, birdie, bogey, bogie, caddy, backswing.
loft (noun)
attic, garret, pigeon loft.
room on upper floor (noun)
apartment, attic, garret.
rooms (noun)


heighten (verb)
elevate, heighten, raise, rise.

Other synonyms:

apiary, apse, basement, birdcage, cage, chancel, choir loft, crypt, dovecote, downstairs, hutch, ground floor, choir stalls, lower ground floor, the first floor. aquarium, beehive, choir, fishbowl, floor, goldfish bowl, holy of holies. cell, chapel. gallery. level. Other relevant words:
accommodation, ace, apartment, apiary, apse, aquarium, armory, armoury, arsenal, attic, basement, bedsit, beehive, birdcage, birdie, boathouse, bogey, bogie, bunker, caddy, cage, cell, cellar, chancel, chapel, choir, closet, condo, condominium, crypt, cubbyhole, cupboard, digs, dovecote, downstairs, duplex, fishbowl, floor, gallery, garret, hayloft, hutch, level, pigeon loft, ground floor, accommodations, backswing.

Usage examples for loft

  1. Paul found that there was no bed left for him, and climbed into the hay- loft where he sat upright all night buried in thought. – Dame Care by Hermann Sudermann
  2. There was a little loose hay in the loft we speedily stretched ourselves. – Who Goes There? by Blackwood Ketcham Benson
  3. They followed the paper down the drive out into the road and across two fields, then it went through a farm- yard up into a loft down again, and out at a small back gate. – Jill's Red Bag by Amy Le Feuvre