Synonyms for Scatter:


fling, run away, migrate, hurl, blow off, lob, aim, direct, throw, project, assemble, convene, pitch, point. set. exhaust, sow, waste, squander, expend, lavish, spend. lift, rise. move, wide. attribute (noun)
scatter (noun)
dissipate, spread, sprinkle, dust, scattering, dot, strewing, dispel, spread-out, disperse.


derange (verb)
roil, confound, ferment, disorder, muddle, dislocate, confuse, misplace, tamper, discompose, jumble, disturb, ripple, tousle, rumple, muss, hash, toss, mess, tumble, ruffle, disorganize, convulse, trouble, capsize, scramble, churn, clutter, displace, dishevel, agitate, rummage, meddle, botch, whisk, swirl, upset, perturb, roughen, whip, derange, blur, mix up, disarrange, mislay.
disorder (verb)
clutter, disorganize, disorder, disarrange, confuse.
disperse (verb)
distribute, dissipate, disseminate, dispense, disband, disperse.
scatter (verb)
disconnect, radiate, diverge, disintegrate, separate, dissolve, detach, disburse, refract, evaporate, diffract, diffuse, dole, evanesce.
strew, disperse (verb)
scramble, dissipate, spread, diverge, derange, shed, sow, dispel, expend, sprinkle, set, sunder, fling, separate, distribute, migrate, disseminate, spend, intersperse, disunite, disband, divide, diffuse, run away.

Other synonyms:

backtrack, pull away, back away, assemble. waste, stand aside. shrink. lift, retreat. back. disappear
spread, strew.
spread out
Other relevant words:
exhaust, lift, fling, dot, set, run away, lavish, disunite, divide, scattering, waste, sow, backtrack, expend, strew, spread, spend, shed, migrate, dust, blow off, sunder, squander, strewing, throw, dispel, retreat, disband, intersperse, sprinkle, back.

Usage examples for scatter

  1. Since he was hurt, he must cry out; since he was in pain, he must scatter his pain abroad. – Roderick Hudson by Henry James
  2. " Scatter and find 'em! – Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
  3. The Legionaries ignored what seemed a disposition on the part of the Arabs to separate them- to scatter them along the platform. – The Flying Legion by George Allan England