Synonyms for Army:


Support Group, flash mob, organization, association, flash mobbing, police, panel, commission. air force, command, the artillery, ruck, mass, legion, swarm, cavalry, C-IN-C, throng, the Coast Guard, score, the armed forces, air power, horde, cloud, big, airborne. class, corps, clinic, board, committee, consortium. army (noun)
regular army.
crew (noun)
mob, clique, platoon, complement, brigade, circle, colony, string, drove, fraternity, staff, cabal, pack, detachment, group, herd, wing, ring, bunch, set, battalion, league, assemblage, society, outfit, bevy, fleet, cadre, litter, flock, team, junta, sect, cell, nest, coalition, collection, tribe, division, regiment, aggregation, club, retinue, assembly, squad, detail, force, crowd, crew, troop, covey, caucus, body, faction, phalanx, band, fellowship, posse, hive, company, school, troupe, party, coterie, clan, union, gang, host.
group (noun)
regular army.
group resembling military force (noun)
crowd, horde, pack, throng, swarm, flock, host, mob, cloud.
military (noun)
regimented, in the army, martial, land, militant, in service, under arms, fighting, ground, guerrilla, commando, Volunteered, belligerent, Drafted, under orders, regimental, air, combat, veteran.
military force, usually for land (noun)
battalion, squad, platoon, company, legion, wing, cavalry, detail, division, outfit, brigade, corps, command, regiment.

Other synonyms:

consortium, air power, air force, C-IN-C, clinic, the armed forces, committee, the Coast Guard, cavalry, legion. ruck, airborne. throng, horde. command. class. score, cloud. mass, board. troops
Other relevant words:
board, throng, airborne, combat, mass, organization, consortium, ruck, martial, belligerent, clinic, corps, horde, committee, air force, ground, cloud, swarm, legion, command, cavalry, fighting, big, score, regular army.

Usage examples for army

  1. In his real home, the Army it was almost as bad. – The Struggle for Missouri by John McElroy
  2. What an army of them there are! – Carl and the Cotton Gin by Sara Ware Bassett
  3. This was his first address to his army – The History of Napoleon Buonaparte by John Gibson Lockhart