Synonyms for Numerous:


certain (adjective)
different (adjective)
many, abundant (adjective)
diverse, several, legion, big, rife, infinite, various, multitudinous.
numerous (adjective)
legion, ample, Thronging, countless, crowded, bounteous, multitudinous, abundant, many, plenty, swarming.
plural (adjective)
any, several, many, plural, some.
populous (adjective)


predominant, diffuse, prevalent, be everywhere, rife, prolific, common, Familiar, prevailing. quite a few, big, myriad. copious (noun)
various, diverse, infinite.
numerous (noun)
plurality (noun)
plurality, quantity.

Other synonyms:

prevalent, rife. prevailing, myriad, predominant. Familiar. prolific. Other relevant words:
diffuse, quite a few, big, predominant, prevalent, common, diverse, prolific, rife, Familiar, infinite, various, myriad, prevailing.

Usage examples for numerous

  1. His works are numerous and are on a great variety of subjects. – Autobiography and Selected Essays by Thomas Henry Huxley
  2. The Moravians are the next most numerous body. – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society
  3. Were they more numerous – Shirley by Charlotte Brontë