Synonyms for Expert:


artistic (adjective)
elegant, creative, tasteful, proficient, artistic, masterful, talented, gifted, accomplished, sublime, skillful, poetic, aesthetic, graceful, beautiful.
expert (adjective)
professional, artistic, adept, authoritative, crackerjack, skillful, sophisticated, adroit, masterful.
knowledgeable, proficient (adjective)
clever, apt, facile, professional, adept, practiced, skillful, crackerjack, handy, experienced, skilled, dexterous, able, deft, adroit.
learned (adjective)
sagacious (adjective)
sagacious, brilliant, genius, intelligent, adept, intellectual, master, scholarly, wise, authoritative, philosophic.
skillful (adjective)
artful, masterful, able, skilled, accomplished, genius, nimble, efficient, deft, agile, Sure-footed, clever, talented, versatile, crafty, adroit, facile, handy, dexterous, apt, capable, cunning, skillful, ambidextrous, proficient, adept, competent.
veteran (adjective)
patriarchal, master, senior, veteran, experienced.


transliterate. cautionary, ace, deterrent, dab, consultative, portentous, warning, past master, Consulting, ability, forewarned is forearmed, dab hand, advisory. the intelligentsia, observer, pundit. authority (noun)
connoisseur, pro.
enthusiast (noun)
expert (noun)
good, technician, skilled, practiced, skilful, buff, skillful, maven, specialist, artist, pro, wizard, professional, authority, journeyman, adept, consultant, sophisticate, connoisseur, proficient, whiz.
judge (noun)
judiciary, administrator, lord chancellor, his honor, judge, his lordship, negotiator, justice, arbitrator, magistrate, umpire, moderator, mediator, referee, censor, adjudicator, reconciler.
master, specialist (noun)
guru, connoisseur, pro, proficient, wizard, authority, ace, artist, buff, old hand, whiz, phenomenon.
medical practitioner (noun)
prodigy (noun)
miracle, phenomenon, wonder, mahatma, oddity, star, magician, marvel, luminary, stunner, talent, shocker, curiosity, thunderbolt, sensation, rarity, prodigy, paragon, spectacle.
pundit (noun)
philosopher, thinker.
sage (noun)
mandarin, savant, sage, thinker, guru, wise person.
scholar (noun)
intellectual, master, professor, philosopher, academic, scholar, doctor, student.
veteran (noun)
old-timer, old soldier, patriarch, gray-beard, old hand.

Other synonyms:

deterrent, cautionary, portentous, past master, observer, transliterate, warning, pundit, Consulting, advisory, the intelligentsia, dab hand, consultative. ace.

Usage examples for expert

  1. Beside being an expert in properties, he must be something of an actor, for if there is an " extra man" needed in a playlet with a line or two to speak, it is on him that the duty falls. – Writing for Vaudeville by Brett Page
  2. We will now have the report of our expert geologist in further detail than yet given. – The Mardi Gras Mystery by H. Bedford-Jones
  3. There was a tense five minutes as the geophone expert listened. – The Boy With the U.S. Miners by Francis Rolt-Wheeler