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thousand - 116 results
Other synonyms:

mebibyte, railyard, cubic yard, green, deoxyguanosine monophosphate, fifteen, super C, eighty, eight, meter, railway yard, metre, kibibyte, numerous, gee, kelvin, megabyte, molarity, all manner of something, gm, curtilage, atomic number 19, a good/great deal of something, mass, grounds, k, honey oil, much, multitudinous, a thousand, gigabyte, kilobyte, quantity, yard, cardinal, guanine, eleven, grand, eighteen, a lot/lots, one thousand, gravitational constant, quite a few, 1000, fifty, cat valium, jet, cardinal number, special K, five, constant of gravitation, potassium, a load of/loads of something, abundance, kB, super acid, millenary, m, g-force, thou, molar concentration, G, gibibyte, crore, chiliad, gram, thousandfold, gramme, pace, pile, grand piano, myriad.

Examples of usage:

Ten thousand men are trying to do a thirty- thousand- man job. - "Courts and Criminals", Arthur Train.

And twenty thousand a year! - "M. or N. "Similia similibus curantur."", G.J. Whyte-Melville.

Two thousand o' them, though, died in tryin'. - "The Boy With the U.S. Miners", Francis Rolt-Wheeler.

Similar words:

ten thousand, thousand times, thousand and one nights, thousandth, thomson, Thomsen's Disease, Thomson's Gazelle, Sir George Paget thomson, Sir Joseph John thomson.

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