Synonyms for Wild:


abandoned (adjective)
unconstrained, incontinent, ungoverned.
angry (adjective)
animal (adjective)
mammalian, untamed.
animalistic (adjective)
Ruminating, amphibious, bestial, reptilian, animalistic, canine, fishy, bird-like, vertebral, mammalian, feline.
chaotic (adjective)
chaotic, discomposed, unruly, frantic, anarchistic, frenzied, formless, disorderly, inchoate, rambunctious, anarchical, indefinite, amorphous, tumultuous, incoherent, jumbled, confused, embroiled, disarrayed, insane, uneven, muddled, perturbed, messy, inexact, blurry, irregular, disordered, disorganized, loose, Disintegrated, cluttered, deranged, shapeless, fuzzy, tempestuous, disheveled, deformed, indistinct, disconnected, obscure, out of control, lax, inconsistent, undisciplined, lawless.
destructive (adjective)
difficult (adjective)
disobedient (adjective)
disorderly, rowdy (adjective)
violent, unmanageable, hysterical, unbridled, rough, eager, mad, imprudent, outrageous, turbulent, unrestrained, unruly, reckless, incautious, uncontrolled, chaotic, ungovernable, licentious, boisterous, avid, profligate, lawless, raving, rash, foolhardy, undisciplined, uproarious.
dissolute (adjective)
enthusiastic (adjective)
hooked, wholehearted, motivated, born-again, mad about something, fervent.
erroneous (adjective)
excited (adjective)
eager, avid.
exciting (adjective)
fractious (adjective)
intense, stormy (adjective)
tempestuous, raging, blustery, furious.
raging (adjective)
raving mad, raging.
rough (adjective)
roily, roiled, squally.
uncontrolled (adjective)
unintelligible (adjective)
untamed (adjective)
natural, desert, luxuriant, waste, overrun, rude, uncultivated, rampant, lush, primitive, uninhabited, free, overgrown, feral, native, deserted, ferocious, neglected, desolate, unbroken, barbarian, fierce, undomesticated, dense, barbaric, savage, uncivilized, untouched.
violent (adjective)
vehement, abusive, frenzied, ferocious, raging, outrageous, savage, intense, assaultive, fighting, furious, tumultuous, uproarious, violent, brawling, broiling, fierce.


frenziedly (adverb)


unmanageable, soulful, hysterical, impassioned, histrionic, torrid, emotional, boisterous. weedy, thrilling, enthralling, neglected, native, desolate, exotic, eventful, exuberant, natural, uncultivated, uninhabited, luxuriant, excessive, overgrown, dense, rampant, exhilarating, compelling, alive, free, exciting, lush, impenetrable, dramatic, overrun, untouched. cut loose, Caged, aquatic, best-of-breed, rage, escape, arboreal, rampage, androgynous, anthropoid, articulate, asexual, captive, run riot. roughly, questionable, imprecise, inaccurate, broadly, rough, approximately, approximate. deserted, parched, dry, lifeless, bare, treeless, dusty, arid, sun-baked. unsettled, rude, fresh, squally, uncultured, culture, brisk, breezy, blustery, primitive, windy, uncivil. peace, intractable, fractious, madly, ungovernable, frenziedly, frenetically, untoward, indocile, refractory, obstreperous, if/when/as the spirit moves you, uncontrollable, with abandon, control, from pillar to post, order, obstinate, recalcitrant, like mad, wildly, frantically, resist. wanton, rakish, dissipated, unbridled, ...or bust, incontinent, fast, there's no stopping someone, profligate, if it's the last thing I do, ungoverned, in for a penny, in for a pound, I/we etc. will not rest until..., won't take no for an answer, abandoned, licentious, uninhibited, unconstrained, and damn the consequences/expense etc., restraint, where there's a will, there's a way, dissolute, if it kills you. ugly, roiled, turbulent, rugged, roily, dirty, heavy. wildness, bush. dissolute (noun)
unbridled, profligate, lewd, licentious.
imprudent (noun)
inaccurate (noun)
wrong, unsound, erratic, off.
location (noun)
stormy (noun)
uncivilized (noun)
undomesticated (noun)
waste (noun)
wild (noun)
chaotic, untamed, intense, violent, insane, manic, feral, raging, noncivilized, raving, tempestuous, savage, mad, rampantly, delirious, passionate, frenzied, undomesticated, furious, uncontrolled, barbarian, noncivilised, frantic, raving mad, godforsaken, barbaric, desert, stormy, state of nature, wilderness, unrestrained, uncivilized, natural state, inhospitable, disorderly, uncivilised, excited, waste, unplanted, unbroken, spontaneous, angry.


raging (verb)

Other synonyms:

treeless, uninhibited, blustery, sun-baked, ungoverned, unconstrained, uncultured, Madding, dusty, squally, wildness, indocile, parched. uncontrollable, roiled, deserted, obstreperous, windy, frenetic, licentious, overgrown, dissipated, unbridled, incontinent, dissolute, intractable, rakish, refractory, arid, profligate, lifeless. wanton, unmanageable, roily, uncivil, recalcitrant, unsettled, obstinate, breezy. rude, brisk, fractious, dirty, bush, abandoned, bare. untoward, ugly, dry, rugged. rough, natural. fresh. native. heavy. promiscuous
uncivilized, primitive.
Other relevant words:
wilderness, Madding, turbulent, fast, angry, passionate, refractory, rough, fractious, obstreperous, rampant, stormy, wanton, unrestrained, dissolute, frenetic, recalcitrant, mad, untamed, abandoned, licentious, incontinent, boisterous, rakish, raving, uncontrolled.

Usage examples for wild

  1. The boys here were simply wild with joy. – Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist by Alexander Berkman
  2. And she told herself, also, that her cousin George was wild very wild – Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope
  3. I'm wild to know. – Princess Polly At Play by Amy Brooks