Synonyms for Sophisticated:


adult (adjective)
all (adjective)
complex (adjective)
complex, complicated, involved.
complex, advanced (adjective)
complicated, involved, subtle.
complicated (adjective)
cosmopolitan, cultured (adjective)
knowing, mature, svelte, refined, urbane, sharp, adult, cultivated, suave, worldly, well-bred.
elegant (adjective)
cultured, tactful, well-bred, neat, fine, cultivated, suave, civil, charming, graceful, decorous, refined, stylish, classical, exquisite, dignified, tasteful, elegant.
expert (adjective)
adroit, expert, artistic, crackerjack, professional, skillful, authoritative, adept, masterful.
intelligent (adjective)
encyclopedic, wise, brainy, bright, canny, intelligent, smart, perspicacious, knowledgeable, clever, cogent, intellectual, genius, worldly, gifted, astute, erudite, brilliant, capable, sagacious, knowing, Comprehending, sharp, profound.
intuitive (adjective)
canny, tricky, cunning, wily, intuitive, astute, clever, instinctual, shrewd, far-sighted, insightful, crafty, sly, instinctive, artful.
witty (adjective)
urbane, deft, scurrilous, waggish, brilliant, droll, quick, funny, dry, artful, subtle, intelligent, ingenious, quick-witted, jocular, astute, sly, tricky, smart, sarcastic, comical, wily, pithy, joking, resourceful, sharp, inventive, shrewd, pointed, facetious, scintillating, witty, canny, clever, cunning, adroit, crafty, foxy, sparkling.
worldly-wise (adjective)


confusing, incomprehensible, difficult, confused, contorted. barbarian, artsy, knowledge, insular, arty, refinement, artsy-fartsy. clean, adulterated, alloyed, educated, literate, scholarly, Doctored, qualified, loaded, impure, learned, well-read, trained. cerebral, highbrow, thoughtful. cultured (noun)
mature, adult.
sophisticated (noun)
cosmopolitan, hi-tech, polished, refined, blase, advanced, worldly, urbane, intelligent, worldly-wise, well-informed, svelte, high-tech, intellectual.

Other synonyms:

alloyed, highbrow, Doctored. cerebral, adulterated. thoughtful, loaded. impure. Other relevant words:
cerebral, trained, confused, impure, involved, confusing, Doctored, learned, hi-tech, insular, barbarian, complex, artsy, complicated, well-read, adulterated, alloyed, highbrow, incomprehensible, literate, arty, svelte, knowledge, polished, difficult, well-informed, mature, refinement, high-tech, blase, thoughtful, adult, qualified, artsy-fartsy, educated, cosmopolitan, contorted, worldly-wise, advanced, clean, scholarly, loaded.

Usage examples for sophisticated

  1. They have not been sophisticated by the hard, worldly wisdom of a Canadian town, and still retain a warm remembrance of the kindly humanities of home. – Roughing it in the Bush by Susanna Moodie
  2. In sophisticated people the participation may not be in the fate of the hero, but in the fate of the whole idea to which both hero and villain are essential. – Public Opinion by Walter Lippmann
  3. At first Victoria had not known that her sister had any special reason for liking to feed the doves, but she was an observant, though not a sophisticated girl; and when she had lived with Saidee for a few days, she saw birds of a different colour among the doves. – The Golden Silence by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson