Synonyms for Rustic:


agricultural (adjective)
agricultural, farm, pastoral, cultivated, rural, agrarian, agronomic, horticultural, forest.
country, rural (adjective)
arcadian, agrarian, countrified, homely, picturesque, pastoral, simple, agricultural, bucolic, unaffected, unsophisticated, homespun, natural, honest, provincial.
crude, uncouth (adjective)
loutish, ungainly, rough, dull, ignorant.


abrasive, rugged, irregular, uneven, jagged, textured, ragged, prickly. honest, complex, unaffected, picturesque, pleasant, pleasing, charming, unadorned, idyllic, sturdy, down-home, natural, urbane, the (great) outdoors, simple, the land. homespun, homely. bumpkin, clodhopper, ability, yokel. hayseed (noun)
Country cousin.
lummox (noun)
person from the country, with little experience (noun)
rural, Country cousin, yokel, hayseed, hick.
rustic (noun)
arcadian, pastoral, countryfied, countrified, agrestic, rural, unsophisticated, bucolic, bumpkinly, provincial, hick.

Other synonyms:

villager, Country cousin, campestral, down-home. clodhopper, countrywoman, yokel, hayseed, unadorned, countryman. natural, homely. bumpkin. bungling

Usage examples for rustic

  1. Rustic Bridge, Willow Island 30 The Cave of the Winds 32 The American Fall 36 From a photograph by Notman, Montreal. – The Niagara River by Archer Butler Hulbert
  2. The venerable rustic was so affected by this intelligence, that he immediately went home in tears. – The Orpheus C. Kerr Papers. Series 1 by Robert H. Newell