Synonyms for Chic:


all (adjective)
voguish, smart.
fashionable (adjective)
dapper, snappy, Tony, ritzy, with-it, rakish, mod, coordinated, refined, voguish, modal, vogue, chichi, up-to-date, decorous, modish, trig, smart, last word, in, slick, sharp, stylish, natty, dashing, conventional, showy, fancy, fashionable, swank, all the rage, modern.
modish (adjective)
with-it, voguish.
sharp (adjective)
stylish (adjective)
sharp, modernistic.


ahead of your/its etc. time, trig, in, modish, swish, with-it, a la mode, advanced, posh, modernistic, up-to-the-minute, state of the art, futuristic, modern, style, swanky, contemporary, space age, usual, sharp, classy, all the rage, mod. magnetism, glitz, glamor, appeal, lure, allure, character, charm, good looks, charisma. attribute (noun)
modishness, last word, stylishness, smartness, chichi, chicness, swank.
chic (noun)
voguish, stylish, smartness, fashionable, swank, chicness, last word, smart, stylishness, modishness.

Other synonyms:

classy, mod, trig. with-it, posh. modish. in. up-to-date
Other relevant words:
style, in, mod, modish, posh, smartness, advanced, voguish, contemporary, with-it, stylishness, swish, modern, swanky, modishness, sharp, all the rage, chicness, classy, last word, trig.

Usage examples for chic

  1. She was beautifully dressed and so chic – The Visits of Elizabeth by Elinor Glyn