Synonyms for Ranking:


titular (adjective)
honorable, bestowed, titular, positioned.


common, born, chief, above, elite, good, below, genteel, B-list, A-list. grade, caste, rank, tier. measurement (noun)
calculation, computation, calibration, survey, evaluation, appraisal, rate, quantification, test, measurement, estimate, quantity, benchmark.
ranking (noun)
senior, top-ranking, top-level, superior, higher-ranking, commanding.


calculating (verb)
scoring, Plotting, counting, planning, programming, rating, Inferring, quantifying, Supposing, Triangulating, Considering, accounting, concluding, reckoning, Surmising, measuring, Valuing, Adding, dividing, Gauging, scheming, Summing, Approximating, Presuming, evaluating, Estimating, Tallying, determining, scheduling, Multiplying, appraising, Enumerating, quantizing, Totaling, computing, Assessing, studying, judging, guessing, Systematizing, figuring, thinking, rationalizing, calculating, weighing, Deducing.
measuring (verb)
scaling, surveying, Benchmarking, calibrating, testing.
ordering (verb)
sorting, arranging, sifting, Righting, screening, integrating, Adjusting, Classing, orchestrating, Classifying, Maintaining, supporting, designing, fixing, framing, grouping, structuring, devising, casting, balancing, subordinating, grading, normalizing, setting, Organizing, regulating, Stratifying, pigeonholing, Collating, unsnarling, schematizing, stabilizing, Placing, Methodizing, Marshalling, settling, Forming, categorizing, Preparing, shaping, ordering, unifying, controlling, composing, Establishing, Mediating, Harmonizing, Separating, charting, Arraying, typing.
ranking (verb)
positioning, marking.
sequencing (verb)
Linking, Chaining, aligning, Progressing, lining up, following, Stringing, succeeding, queuing, sequencing, Concatenating, Threading.

Other synonyms:

tier, caste. grade. rank. Other relevant words:
rank, grade, higher-ranking, chief, senior, tier, commanding, superior, top-ranking, top-level.

Usage examples for ranking

  1. The last of the roof- paintings is a powerful group of " Patriarchs," ranking with that of the " Apostles," among the most impressive of the frescoes. – Luca Signorelli by Maud Cruttwell
  2. Who is the ranking officer visible below at present? – Dave Darrin's Fourth Year at Annapolis by H. Irving Hancock