Synonyms for Puissant:


cogent (adjective)
efficacious (adjective)
energetic (adjective)
active, fervid, energetic, forceful, zealous, spirited, snappy, mettlesome, peppy, driven, mighty, potent, spunky, strong, ardent, zippy, vivacious, vigorous, effervescent, powerful.
forceful (adjective)
virile, commanding.
formidable (adjective)
mighty (adjective)
potent (adjective)
powerful (adjective)
authoritative, controlling, potent, forceful, vigorous, strong, powerful, energetic, mighty, commanding, competent, masterful.
puissant (adjective)
forceful, active, potent, vigorous, powerful, mighty, energetic.
vigorous (adjective)
fiery, eager, active, sprightly, fervent, agitated, vigorous, impassioned, lusty, potent, enthusiastic, mettlesome, ablaze, full-blooded, zestful, hearty, animated, prolific, ardent, powerful, zippy, energetic, peppy, strong, emphatic, lively, afire, industrious, frisky, spirited, exuberant, excited, passionate, virile, zealous, burning, strenuous, earnest.

Other synonyms:

forceful, mighty, potent, powerful.
lusty, mighty, potent, powerful, strong.

Usage examples for puissant

  1. But the poetry of love must have continued to exercise puissant magic over hearts and minds, if its supreme poem not only was made part of the holy canon, but was considered by a teacher of the Talmud the most sacred treasure of the compilation. – Jewish Literature and Other Essays by Gustav Karpeles
  2. After several days of anxious search it was discovered that he had left on foot for Shklov, a distance of about thirty vyersts, and while there he succeeded in persuading fifteen boys to leave the yeshibah and come with him to Mohilev, where, like a puissant warrior returning in triumph, he went with his little army to the different homes to secure board and lodging for them while they were being prepared for admission into the gymnasium. – The Haskalah Movement in Russia by Jacob S. Raisin
  3. To the Franks, Jesus was but a new and more puissant tribal deity. – The Story of Paris by Thomas Okey