Synonyms for Stately:


dignified, impressive (adjective)
sumptuous, royal, gallant, majestic, pompous, deliberate, formal, courtly, imperious, stiff, measured, gracious, imposing, elegant, august, lofty, ceremonious, high, haughty, grandiose, magnificent, luxurious, noble, imperial, large, palatial, superb, monumental, regal, proud, grand, opulent, elevated, kingly.
elevated (adjective)
noble (adjective)
courtly, heroic, dignified, queen-like, kingly, imperial, grand, distinguished, noble, majestic, imposing, great, ladylike, royal, magisterial, august, lordly, sovereign, knightly, regal, baronial, celebrated, aristocratic, sublime, patrician, princely.


simple, attractive, telegenic, personable, lovable, proud, pretty, pompous, haughty, charming, glamorous, unassuming, imperious, engaging, stiff, ceremonious, dashing. good, splendid, grandiose, big, sublime, Magnific. attitude, gracious, gallant, chivalrous, courtesy. stately (noun)
courtly, impressive, tall, noble, formal, imposing, elegant, dignified, baronial, statuesque.

Other synonyms:

leisurely, Magnific, unhurried, measured, proud. chivalrous, sedate, lazy, gracious, grandiose. languid, deliberate. magnificent, splendid, gallant. steady. slow. regal
Other relevant words:
courtesy, good, ceremonious, unhurried, measured, spacious, lofty, elevated, proud, magnificent, imperious, telegenic, statuesque, superb, cheap, gallant, attractive, gracious, palatial, luxurious, tall, aristocratic, dashing, Magnific, elegant, sedate, pretty, slow, big, steady, sumptuous, monumental, deliberate, high, stiff, lovable, glamorous, unassuming, haughty, sublime, grandiose, large, pompous, opulent, chivalrous, formal, charming, engaging, languid, simple, attitude, impressive, lazy, leisurely, splendid, personable.

Usage examples for stately

  1. " I think Madame will be in the hall," said Louise, and satisfied, I descended in a stately way suited to the house, into the fountain court. – Lady-Betty-Across-the-Water by Lowell, Orson
  2. Gilet grew very stately – Red Men and White by Owen Wister