Synonyms for Incapable:


disabled (adjective)
impotent (adjective)
ineffectual, ineffective, feeble, weak, incompetent, impotent, powerless, disabled, inadequate.
inadequate (adjective)
unequal, inapt.
incapable (adjective)
unfit, feeble, poor, powerless, impotent, unskilled, incompetent, inadequate, inept, unable, ineffective, inexpert, unskillful, weak, unqualified.
incompetent (adjective)
inefficient, amateur.
powerless (adjective)


poor, amateur, no-good, someone couldn't do something if they tried, awful. proper, virtuous, unfit, high-minded, irreproachable, correct, moral, ability, ethical, right, decent, just, excess, unequal. unskilled, unworkmanlike, inefficient, inapt, inept, unskillful, inexpert. incapable (noun)
unequal to, unsusceptible, incompetent, inadequate, insusceptible, unqualified, unable.
unsuited (noun)
inept, ineffective.

Other synonyms:

unworkmanlike, ineffective. unequal, inefficient, poor, unskillful, inexpert. inapt, amateur. inept, ineffectual. unfit, awful. incompetent
Other relevant words:
unfit, inapt, inefficient, insusceptible, unqualified, ineffectual, inept, unable, unsusceptible, unskillful, unequal to, unequal, unworkmanlike, helpless, unskilled, inexpert, poor, ineffective.

Usage examples for incapable

  1. I know you were incapable of doing the deed she charged upon you! – Cruel As The Grave by Mrs. Emma D. E. N. Southworth
  2. I was faint and dizzy all at once, incapable for the moment of either speech or action. – The Red Symbol by John Ironside