Synonyms for Prayer:


call down, baptise, praise, celebrate, anthem, the Book of Common Prayer, intercession, catechism, baptize, thanksgiving, amen, baptism. celebrant, confession, ceremony, circumcise, circumcision, consecrate, anoint, devotions, blessing, bless, litany, contemplation, benediction, rogation. collect, pious hope, hope, future, a ray of light/comfort, optimism, vision, light at the end of the tunnel, expectation. ask, Imploration. law. act (noun)
appeal (noun)
address, appeal, invocation, approach, entreaty, invitation, plea, bid, solicitation, request, petition, application, supplication.
mediation (noun)
plea (noun)
pleading, especially with a deity; (noun)
Imploration, invocation, litany, devotion, benediction, petition, plea, application, request, rogation, orison, supplication, appeal, entreaty, worship.
prayer (noun)
entreaty, orison, petition, supplicant, supplication, appeal.
request (noun)
worship (noun)
devoutness, deification, duty, religion, reverence, Ardency, homage, idolization, exaltation, devotion, worship, admiration, awe, piety, faithfulness, adoration, cultism, veneration, respect.


petition (verb)

Other synonyms:

rogation, Imploration, optimism. expectation. hope. vision. future. orison
Other relevant words:
future, collect, devotions, hope, ceremony, bless, orison, baptise, law, thanksgiving, supplicant, consecrate, baptism, amen, Imploration, anthem, rogation, confession, optimism, intercession, blessing, expectation, litany, contemplation, vision, anoint, baptize, circumcision, circumcise, ask, praise, celebrant, benediction, celebrate, catechism.