Synonyms for Bereft:


abandoned (adjective)
all (adjective)
lovelorn, unbeloved.
lacking; missing (adjective)
dispossessed, Divested, destitute, left without, deprived, cut off, impoverished, wanting, Robbed, Beggared, stripped, bereaved.
poor (adjective)
distressed, have-not, beggarly, impoverished, penurious, squalid, destitute, shabby, bankrupt, penniless, pauper, scruffy, hand-to-mouth, embarrassed, poor, poverty-stricken, busted, down-and-out, dilapidated, homeless.


alone, alienated, isolated, friendless, estranged, lonesome, adrift, lonely. deserted, derelict, forsaken, forlorn, desolate, lorn, abandoned, keep. bereaved (noun)
stripped, cut off, straitened, left without, dispossessed, left unprovided for, wanting, Divested, forlorn of, Robbed, Beggared, deprived.
bereft (noun)
grieving, grief-stricken, unloved, unbeloved, mourning, sorrowing, lovelorn, sorrowful, bereaved.
bereft of (noun)
lovelorn (noun)

Other synonyms:

lonely, lorn. deserted, forsaken. abandoned, derelict. desolate, forlorn. Other relevant words:
forlorn, sorrowful, dispossessed, forsaken, friendless, mourning, lonely, left without, derelict, wanting, deserted, desolate, grief-stricken, lorn, forlorn of, unbeloved, Divested, Robbed, stripped, lovelorn, sorrowing, alone, Beggared, abandoned, bereaved, lonesome, unloved, deprived, grieving.

Usage examples for bereft

  1. A desolate woman, bereft of husband and home, and flying through storm and night, she knew not where, she still leaned forward towards her horse. – On the Frontier by Bret Harte
  2. I could see you," incoherently, " alone, bereft of the friend you loved and who loved you. – The Grey Cloak by Harold MacGrath
  3. Bereft of the power of movement he stood before her, and the sweat that had gathered upon his brow ran down his face. – The Light of Scarthey by Egerton Castle