Synonyms for Faulty:


all (adjective)
wrong, incorrect.
bad (adjective)
unsatisfactory, inadequate, bad, vile, unfavorable, wretched, poor, inferior, detrimental, arrant, baneful, unpleasant, black, irremediable, defective, displeasing, unsound, inadvisable, ill-suited, invalid, wrong.
deficient (adjective)
found wanting, insufficient.
erroneous (adjective)
botched, misjudged, illogical, fallacious, false, distorted, incorrect, Misconceived, flawed, marred, mistaken, misestimated, Misconstrued, erroneous, inexact, defective, inaccurate, miscalculated.
imperfect (adjective)
second-rate, injured, hurt, unfit, frail, defective, damaged, spotted, broken, substandard, wounded, found wanting, worn, weak, incomplete, crude, tainted, flawed, out of order, impaired, leaky, adulterated, insufficient, battered, blemished, seamed, debased, malformed, below par, imperfect, deficient, Sprung, cracked, blotched, inadequate, spoiled, crazy, lame, warped, maimed.
insufficient (adjective)
lousy (adjective)
not working; incorrect (adjective)
cracked, impaired, below par, insufficient, fallacious, defective, inaccurate, damaged, out of order, inexact, erroneous, invalid, deficient, imprecise, malformed, botched, marred, injured, flawed, blemished, maimed, adulterated, leaky, warped, frail, inadequate, bad, imperfect, incomplete, tainted, lame, debased, weak, broken, unsound, false, wrong, unfit, distorted.
wrong (adjective)
erroneous, flawed, improper, bad, aberrant, untrue, illegal, false, mistaken, incorrect, wrong, fallacious, inaccurate.


approximately, inexact, broadly, approximate, roughly, imprecise, questionable. better, shot, down, apart, Trashed, kaput, wrecked. faulty (noun)
invalid, out of order, incorrect, kaput, inaccurate, illogical, imperfect, damaged, weak, wrong, erroneous, flawed, fallacious, broken, defective.

Other synonyms:

Trashed, wrecked, kaput. warped, lame, broken. apart. down. broken-down
out of order.
Other relevant words:
broadly, kaput, malformed, hurt, impaired, damaged, unfit, down, out of order, weak, cracked, Trashed, adulterated, debased, injured, spotted, shot, broken, approximate, leaky, better, apart, lame, worn, maimed, below par, crude, wrecked, roughly, imprecise, wounded, battered, substandard, insufficient, crazy, warped, found wanting, seamed, approximately, Sprung, inexact, frail, questionable.

Usage examples for faulty

  1. But, perhaps, our faulty pronunciation, rather than his ignorance of the dialect, may be inferred from this. – A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 16 by Robert Kerr
  2. It must be observed that such faulty places must be burnished in the direction of the sheets, never crosswise. – Practical Bookbinding by Paul Adam
  3. Obviously, a usufruct of a house is extinguished by the house being burnt down, or falling through an earthquake or faulty construction; and in such case a usufruct of the site cannot be claimed. – The Institutes of Justinian by Caesar Flavius Justinian