Synonyms for Defective:


all (adjective)
bad, faulty.
bad (adjective)
displeasing, bad, unfavorable, baneful, faulty, unsound, inferior, poor, inadvisable, wrong, black, vile, arrant, irremediable, detrimental, unpleasant, invalid, inadequate, wretched, unsatisfactory, ill-suited.
blemished (adjective)
disfigured, blemished, Scuffed, stained, scratched, abraded, flawed, chipped, pockmarked, spoiled, deformed, blotched, scraped, Scored, tainted, cracked, distorted, spotted, imperfect, splotched, slit, tarnished, discolored, fractured, marked, flecked, scarred, blistered, Scabbed, gashed, freckled, impure, Hacked, notched, marred, Nicked, defaced, damaged, specked.
broken, not working (adjective)
deficient, wanting, abnormal, flawed, blemished, poor, imperfect, damaged, lacking, incomplete, inadequate, unfinished, unsound, faulty.
deficient (adjective)
wanting, flawed.
erroneous (adjective)
illogical, mistaken, false, distorted, Misconceived, misestimated, Misconstrued, botched, flawed, inaccurate, incorrect, faulty, misjudged, erroneous, fallacious, miscalculated, marred.
imperfect (adjective)
deficient, flawed, inadequate, incomplete, blotched, blemished, tainted, unfinished, spoiled, imperfect, second-rate, broken, faulty.
impure (adjective)
imperfect, blemished, impure, unclean, dirty, immoral, slovenly, obscene, sordid.
incomplete (adjective)
unintellectual (adjective)
foolish, moronic, half-wit, unintellectual, cretinous, unintelligent, idiotic, imbecilic.
wrong (adjective)


ineffective, purposeless, inefficient, worthless, futile, useless, pathetic, pointless. better. lacking, wanting, excess. defective (noun)
faulty, imperfect, abnormal, malfunctioning, bad, nonfunctional.

Other synonyms:

pointless, purposeless, futile, unfinished, inefficient, useless. lacking, worthless, ineffective. fractured
Other relevant words:
futile, lacking, excess, unfinished, malfunctioning, pointless, nonfunctional, abnormal, wanting, ineffective, inefficient, useless, purposeless, better, broken, pathetic, worthless.

Usage examples for defective

  1. " Owing to this defective covering of the feet, more than to any other circumstance, the greater number of our warriors and hunters were afflicted with the rheumatism in their limbs. – The History of Louisville, from the Earliest Settlement till the Year 1852 by Ben Casseday
  2. But this is exactly the attitude which I maintain to be defective – Orthodoxy by G. K. Chesterton
  3. The object of the tariff is objected to by some as unconstitutional, and it is considered by almost all as defective in many of its parts. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various