Synonyms for Dependent:


all (adjective)
conditional (adjective)
contingent, provisional, conditional, tentative.
contingent, determined by (adjective)
conditional, relative, provisory, ancillary, subservient.
helpless (adjective)
inferior (adjective)
lesser, subservient, inferior, junior, below, second, subordinate, underling, under, subject.
relational (adjective)
ancillary, akin, supplemental, relevant, pertinent, correlative, affiliated, attendant, adjunct, concomitant, consanguine, blood, connected, coincident, related, associated, germane, kindred, auxiliary, analogous.
subordinate (adjective)
obedient, constrained, supine, compliant, deferent, unfranchised, subservient, enslaved, subordinate, servile, subjugated, subject, under, enthralled, junior, submissive, Subjected, bound.
weak, helpless (adjective)
lesser, indigent, reliant, secondary, inferior, poor, minor, Clinging, immature, subordinate, under.


stranded, answerable, subject to something, under guard, marooned, under someone's control/influence/spell, in thrall to. elder, black sheep, weak, blood relation, minor, indigent, the elder, eldest, immature, clansman, clanswoman, poor, Clinging. limiting, prohibitive, relative, start, finite, specific, limited, exclusive, under control, within limits, restrictive, conditioned. over, part, collateral. give, ward, charge. contingent (noun)
conditioned, provisory.
dependent (noun)
hooked, helpless, mutualist, parasitic, reliant on, dependent on, leechlike, bloodsucking, conditional, babelike, qualified, interdependent, addicted, myrmecophilous, underage, subordinate, symbiotic, reliant, subject, mutually beneficial, strung-out, drug-addicted, parasitical, dependant.


related (verb)
subordinate (verb)

Other synonyms:

black sheep, marooned, stranded, blood relation, clanswoman, clansman. conditioned, eldest, answerable, ward. collateral, elder. charge. derived
Other relevant words:
helpless, drug-addicted, leechlike, dependant, myrmecophilous, eldest, under control, indigent, elder, dependent on, weak, provisory, underage, minor, charge, limited, parasitical, babelike, strung-out, hooked, poor, secondary, collateral, mutualist, addicted, relative, clanswoman, symbiotic, bloodsucking, answerable, qualified, Clinging, reliant, conditioned, ward, parasitic, mutually beneficial, immature, interdependent.

Usage examples for dependent

  1. I could do almost anything for it willingly, if it were delivered over entirely to my care- if it were quite dependent on me. – Shirley by Charlotte Brontë
  2. Now he confessed that he had quietly made arrangements not to be entirely dependent on Edwin, though he would have submitted to be supported by him more willingly than by any one else. – The Children of the World by Paul Heyse
  3. Has anyone here an idea of how many dependent little ones there are in the United States alone? – The Blue Birds' Winter Nest by Lillian Elizabeth Roy