Synonyms for Unfinished:


all (adjective)
imperfect (adjective)
incomplete (adjective)
patchy, fragmentary, short, unsatisfactory, unachieved, unfulfilled, segmental, partial, fractional, incomplete, unattained, Curtailed, sectional, missing, undone, scanty, discontinuous, deficient, immature, lacking, embryonic, Unaccomplished, insufficient.
insufficient (adjective)
not completed (adjective)
raw, crude, fragmentary, cut short, under construction, undeveloped, lacking, incomplete, formless, defective, rough, uncompleted, deficient, imperfect, bare, shapeless, sketchy, tentative, natural, unfulfilled, unpolished, unperfected, Unaccomplished, roughhewn, immature, faulty, undone.
rough (adjective)
unpolished, roughhewn, unhewn, unperfected, sketchy.


rough, abortive, natural, uncovered, painted, superficial, light touch, unpolished, outstanding, unvarnished, unprotected. start, preliminary. unfinished (noun)
uncompleted, undone, unsanded, undressed, bare, unfattened, unended, roughhewn, incomplete, unhewn, raw, pending.

Other synonyms:

unperfected, light touch. tentative. outstanding. superficial, preliminary. unfinished
rough, raw.
Other relevant words:
painted, rough, roughhewn, outstanding, sketchy, under construction, formless, defective, preliminary, faulty, superficial, undeveloped, unvarnished, edge, uncovered, cut short, apex, back, unpolished, unsanded, start, unperfected, crude, base, shapeless, bevel, bottom, raw, light touch, bare, pending, confines, done, corner, unprotected, unfattened, abortive, bump, uncompleted, tentative, unended, natural, undressed, unhewn, imperfect, brim.

Usage examples for unfinished

  1. Charles left his sentence unfinished and, turning to his brother, the conversation became general. – The Danvers Jewels, and Sir Charles Danvers by Mary Cholmondeley
  2. Agassiz was always swept along so rapidly by the current of his own activity that he was sometimes forced to leave behind him unfinished work. – Louis Agassiz: His Life and Correspondence by Louis Agassiz
  3. The marks of unfinished projects to be seen all over India point to a want of depth of purpose. – India and the Indians by Edward F. Elwin