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enthusiastic (adjective)

game, enthusiastic.

Other synonyms:

throw, vacant, define, go, pass water, produce, straightaway, prepared to do something, countersink, establish, well-chosen, in the wings, hands-down, secure, prepared, touch on, animated, take a crap, sic, make, ca-ca, put in, induce, unsex, industrious, realise, jell, effectuate, ensnare, doctor, orchestrate, put together, go under, soft, sprightly, finalize, puddle, take, officious, mobile, desexualise, bring in, expeditious, prepare, lay down, take a shit, smooth, slow, score, on the point of doing something, take a leak, seasonal, defecate, sterilize, have, give, fructify, do, possible, determine, fudge, place, micturate, hit, poised, rig, educate, busy, restore, sharp, minded, adjust, work, lay out, groom, cause, pleased/only too pleased to do something, fluid, ripe, typeset, at the ready, accessible, launch, desexualize, train, wide awake, instant, on offer, machinate, create, repair, take in, dull, name, fake, arrive at, supple, order, delighted, set, fleet, rear, public, desex, set up, energetic, suited, glad, on (full) alert, pretend, pitch, cheap, piece, organise, agile, fast, specify, organize, lively, wee, pee, fain, brisk, usable, clear, tack, going, vigorous, raise, coiffure, cook, reach, open, correct, entrap, get, constitute, flying, form, pay back, ideal, mend, hold, quick, limit, intelligent, congeal, misrepresent, fit, spend a penny, coif, make up, pull in, put up, fluent, gear up, build, pose, put, downhill, map out, realize, alacritous, nimble, speedy, effect, together, on the verge of something, plant, earn, ready and waiting, tack together, facile, found, piddle, active, snap, pay off, attain, draw up, install, erect, think ahead, frame, stimulate, swift, draw, position, urinate, deposit, instal, at hand, mark, waiting, plan, in order, warm, make water, relieve oneself, primed, wee-wee, bustling, localize, perfect, fix, localise, prompt, fasten, game, wangle, restless, make believe, assemble, pee-pee, seduce, obliging, sterilise, proper, shit, lay, fitting, suitable, get up, royal, posit, go down, immediate, piss, painless, situate, spare, crap, warmed-up, coiffe, furbish up, progress to, spry, convenient, interested, manipulate, nominate, simple, effortless, available, spontaneous, dream up, punctual, stool, light, get to, bushel, gain, fixate, falsify.

Examples of usage:

If I can get it, I will be ready to show it. - "Second Shetland Truck System Report", William Guthrie.

Are you fellows ready for another round? - "Two Boys and a Fortune", Matthew White, Jr..

Why, she was always ready. - "The Other Girls", Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney.

Similar words:

rough-and-ready, rearm, really, realty, reata, reave, realm, reach, thought-reader, reach a peak.

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