Synonyms for Talent:


inventiveness, faculty, prowess, turn, forte. find, artist, best, notable, master, queen, maestro, old hand, exponent, past master, superman, celebrity. dish, instinct, sex object, Cutie, approach, sex symbol, bent, smasher, babe, aptness, eye candy, hot stuff, head. ability (noun)
facility, knack, craft, gift, forte, flair, inventiveness, know-how, genius, head, faculty, expertise, endowment, aptness, capability, skill, turn, aptitude, bent.
gift (noun)
prodigy (noun)
paragon, prodigy, star, wizard, shocker, expert, stunner, curiosity, magician, marvel, rarity, mahatma, luminary, phenomenon, miracle, spectacle, sensation, whiz, wonder, oddity, crackerjack, thunderbolt.
skill (noun)
cunning, aptitude, adeptness, flair, knack, acuity, technique, experience, craft, genius, competence, artfulness, proficiency, expertise, mastery, adroitness, know-how, dexterity, facility, capability, deftness, skill, ability.
style (noun)
expressiveness, craftsmanship, cleverness, grace, style, artistry, finesse, panache, skillfulness, eloquence.
talent (noun)
natural endowment, gift, endowment.

Other synonyms:

sex object, smasher, prowess, sex symbol, bent, Cutie, eye candy, aptness. instinct, babe. hot stuff, dish. head. Other relevant words:
find, artist, faculty, best, exponent, instinct, maestro, prowess, queen, gift, head, notable, bent, master, celebrity, endowment, old hand, approach, superman, inventiveness, smasher, natural endowment, babe, forte, aptness, dish, Cutie, turn.

Usage examples for talent

  1. The public knew nothing of my talent and people love to talk of what they understand least." – Love's Usuries by Louis Creswicke
  2. So young, and so full of talent – Salome by Emma Marshall
  3. I shall not acknowledge that the honorable member goes before me in regard for whatever of distinguished talent or distinguished character, South Carolina has produced. – Select Speeches of Daniel Webster by Daniel Webster