Synonyms for Productive:


creative (adjective)
ingenious, imaginative, resourceful, conceptive, original, constructive, visionary, fertile, creative, inventive, prolific, innovative.
effective (adjective)
consequential, fruitful, resultant, effective, efficacious.
fruitful, creative (adjective)
fecund, generative, inventive, fertile, constructive, prolific, effective, teeming, profitable, rich.
hardworking (adjective)
original (adjective)
pregnant (adjective)
productive (adjective)
fecund, lush, teeming, fruitful, creative, parturient, fertile, prolific, constructive, executive, bountiful, profitable, pregnant.
successful (adjective)
huge, big, thriving, high-flying, brilliant, triumphant, successful, leading, distinguished.


process, automated, planned obsolescence, industry, factory, reverse engineering, MFG, production, industrial. conscientious, effectual, committed, diligent, sedulous, assiduous, efficacious, hard-working, tireless, thrive, efficient. driving, causal, instrumental, decisive, causative, Proliferous, formative, enabling, deciding. industrious. productive (noun)
amentaceous, fecund, oil-bearing, cultivatable, fissiparous, amentiferous, arable, fruitful, tillable, fat, prolific, generative, profitable, bearing, fertile, cultivable, rich.

Other synonyms:

driving, factory, deciding, efficient, Proliferous, automated, industrious, planned obsolescence, hard-working, MFG, tireless. enabling, decisive, causal, causative. industrial, instrumental, effectual. process, production, industry. Other relevant words:
enabling, efficient, arable, oil-bearing, cultivable, formative, thriving, fissiparous, efficacious, amentaceous, cultivatable, production, hard-working, generative, process, causal, industry, amentiferous, industrious, automated, tireless, successful, MFG, causative, bearing, fat, assiduous, effectual, Proliferous, factory, tillable, rich.

Usage examples for productive

  1. That there was coming to be money seeking investment, or at any rate capable of investment, was good reason for the searching out of opportunities for productive industry. – The Rise of Cotton Mills in the South by Broadus Mitchell
  2. Except for the few, favoured with a productive imagination, the public school can as yet do nothing in this direction. – The School and the World by Victor Gollancz and David Somervell