Synonyms for Dry:


absorbent (adjective)
ascetic (adjective)
franciscan, celibate, hermit-like, severe, trappist, abstinent, lenten, stoic, miserly, repentant, abstemious, spartan, parsimonious, stark, teetotaling, ascetic, austere, penitential, monastic.
dry (adjective)
desiccated, saharan, parched, thirsty, sapless, arid.
dull (adjective)
dull, uninteresting (adjective)
dreary, tedious, simple, insipid, monotonous, wearisome, plain, tiresome, impassive, boring, Weariful.
modest (adjective)
moistureless (adjective)
baked, juiceless, Droughty, hard, desert, athirst, arid, thirsty, bald, sapless, bare, dusty, desiccated, shriveled, sear, drained, dried-up, waterless, parched, anhydrous, depleted, rainless, barren.
musty (adjective)
rough (adjective)
sarcastic, sharp-tongued (adjective)
cutting, caustic, satirical, sour, sardonic, biting, cynical, restrained, droll, keen, acerbic, subtle, humorous, tart, salty, sharp, sly, ironical, harsh.
sere (adjective)
Droughty, waterless.
severe (adjective)
bleak, basic, rigorous, acrimonious, demanding, inflexible, draconian, brisk, piquant, obdurate, short, strict, keen, rigid, stiff-necked, fundamental, frosty, stark, acute, prudish, disciplined, cool, severe, cutting, oppressive, brusque, blunt, abrupt, precise, lean, censorious, unbending, intolerant, spare, gruff, puritanical, austere, tart, acerbic, exacting, relentless, caustic, stern, chilly, stringent, strait-laced, harsh, meticulous, obstinate, critical, astringent, intense, hidebound, crisp, imperial, spartan, authoritarian, dour, sharp, raw, icy, correct, grim, uncompromising, curt, ascetic.
sober (adjective)
restrained, temperate, sober, teetotaling, abstinent, moderate.
unimaginative (adjective)
witty (adjective)
brilliant, scintillating, sly, ingenious, quick, tricky, intelligent, resourceful, quick-witted, inventive, facetious, cunning, pithy, comical, sharp, jocular, scurrilous, sparkling, sarcastic, astute, wily, crafty, funny, subtle, witty, artful, joking, smart, pointed, urbane, waggish, deft, canny, foxy, adroit, clever, shrewd, droll, sophisticated.
wry (adjective)


carbonated, flat, black, drinkable, full-bodied, effervescent, decaffeinated, corked. prohibited, restricted, trivial, straight. Moistureless, sun-baked, deserted, treeless, wild. constipation, Egestion, Bedwetting, rough, rasping, bowel movement, scratchy, raspy, grating, constipated, squawky, jarring, evacuate, bursting, hoarse, strident. athirst, papery, tinder-dry, scaly. acerb, bottle, can, freeze, sour, acidulous, homogenize, dehydration, taste, acid, acetous, flash-freeze, tangy, irradiate, cure. brush, clean up, simple, clean out, clear out, pick up, unvarnished, bald, straighten up, unadorned, pick up after, clean, sort out, tidy. buttery, excite, crispy, chewy, chilled, matter of fact, cream, impassive, calorific, attitude, caramelized. drab, spiritless, bite your tongue/lip, shut up, hush, colorless, clam up, keep your mouth shut, dry up, uninspired, earthbound, pedestrian, lackluster, fall silent, turn over to, lifeless, lusterless, hold your tongue, stodgy, aseptic, flavorless, unimaginative, falter. drought, dust bowl, the dry season, fail. dying of boredom/hunger/thirst etc., thirst. temperance, on the wagon, not touch a drop, stone-cold sober, sign/take the pledge, teetotaler. abstainer (noun)
dry (noun)
arid, adust, humourous, dry out, withered, unsweet, sober, shriveled, alcoholic, milkless, plain, sec, waterless, desiccated, sere, ironical, solid, baked, dry-shod, unproductive, dried, shrivelled, dry-eyed, unexciting, dried-out, teetotal, unemotional, semiarid, humorous, wry, parched, sunbaked, prohibitionist, bone-dry, sear, juiceless, dried-up, tearless, rainless, scorched, ironic, unstimulating, thirsty, brut.
dry up (noun)
shut up, fail.
immature (noun)
inexperienced, naive, young.
person (noun)
thirsty (noun)


change (verb)
dry out.
dry (verb)
dehumidify, vaporize, evaporate, wipe, blot, parch, dehydrate, catheterize, drain, swab, wither, pump out, stanch, suck dry, wring out, mop, desiccate, empty.
take moisture out of (verb)
dehumidify, wither, wipe, drain, blot, bake, swab, desiccate, parch, evaporate, empty, dehydrate.

Other synonyms:

cure, bald, drab, lifeless, simple, weary, stuffy. bottle, squirt, wild. flat, black. bare, can, straight. freeze, fail. rough. bone dry
soak up
Other relevant words:
barren, prohibitionist, flat, sardonic, anhydrous, ironic, cynical, arid, drained, lifeless, satirical, unsweet, ironical, waterless, unimaginative, hoarse, desert, dry up.

Usage examples for dry

  1. " Well, not now," said the other with a dry laugh. – The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island by Cyril Burleigh
  2. She gave him the dry bread. – Household Tales by Brothers Grimm by Grimm Brothers
  3. That was a dry country, I reckon. – The Boy With the U. S. Survey by Francis Rolt-Wheeler