Synonyms for Wash:


clean up, douche, bath, BO, body odor, bubble bath, delouse, ablutions. eddy, drip-dry, gush, heave, come out, rush, hang out, surge, dry cleaner's, dhobi, come off, boil, wave, hang up, splash, murmur, roll, flow, undulation, swirl, air, dry clean. az, ak, al, ca, ark, ravine, canyon, ala, alas, valley, ARIZ, gulch, gorge, ar, BC. dot, liquid, speck, coating, patina, discoloration, point, blaze, band, shading, swab, fleck. grip, color, heighten, sweep over, lip, pulse, run, come over, grow, engulf. drip, flush, move, current, gurgle, down, in, burble, bubble, maelstrom, swash, ebb. hose down, drift, flush out, float, swill. true, hold, prove out, stand up. laundry (noun)
washing, linen.
laundry, bath (noun)
rinse, bathe, washing, scrub.
wash (noun)
lave, laundry, washing, moisten, wash out, wash drawing, washables, dry wash, slipstream, lavation, dampen, race, wash away, wash off, backwash, rinse, airstream, lap.
wave; water movement (noun)
flow, murmur, roll, heave, eddy, rush, gush, undulation, surge, sweep, swirl.


bathe, clean (verb)
bubble, float, lap, cleanse, bath, launder, clean up, wipe, lave, moisten, wet.
be convincing (verb)
stand up.
clean (verb)
filter, purify, purge, sweep, sanitize, neaten, clean, scrub, tidy, wipe, sterilize, cleanse, order, launder, Disinfect, clear.
contact (verb)

Other synonyms:

burble, bathe, prove out, color. gurgle, bath, flush out, drift, hose down. float, bubble, splash, flush. wet, swab, lip. swill. hold. clean
wash off.

Usage examples for wash

  1. This morning he rose very early, and what should he do but take it into his head to wash down the stairs! – The Saint by Antonio Fogazzaro Commentator: William Roscoe Thayer
  2. Looks almost good enough to wash with, doesn't it?" – Left Guard Gilbert by Ralph Henry Barbour