Synonyms for Fret:


dread, agitate, fear, agonize, hardly dare (to) breathe, panic, upset yourself, have a lot on your mind. bow, catgut, bellows, brood, drumstick, key, worry, damper, anguish, bridge, hammer, head. corrode. provoke, bug, get, pain, ruffle, put out, feelings. concern, mope, dwell, cark. fret (noun)
choke, erode, stew, eat into, scratch, gag, fuss, swither, lather, rub, niggle, fray, gall, rankle, sweat, chafe, grate, eat away.
state (noun)
stew, swither, sweat, lather.


aggravate (verb)
discompose, bedevil, envenom, infuriate, needle, exasperate, perturb, inflame, arouse, nag, enrage, antagonize, rankle, upset, peeve, pester, trouble, exacerbate, badger, bait, torment, harry.
chafe (verb)
disturb, chafe, aggravate, wear, irritate, rasp, abrade, resist, grate, grind, rub, harass, scrub, scrape.
emotion (verb)
fuss, niggle.
irritate (verb)
bother, acerbate, hassle, annoy, pique, irk, vex, tease.
rub hard (verb)
fray, corrode, erode.
upset someone (verb)
gall, disturb, agitate, vex, nag, peeve, abrade, pique, harass, irk, provoke, irritate, trouble, ruffle.
worry, be annoyed (verb)
bother, mope, stew, brood, fuss, anguish, agonize, chafe, torment.

Other synonyms:

catgut, damper, mope, agonize, dread. drumstick, bellows, cark. ruffle. dwell, bow, brood. provoke, worry. key. bridge. hammer. head. get. gall
Other relevant words:
cark, bug, hammer, niggle, get, put out, stew, lather, bridge, bellows, mope, concern, drumstick, eat away, scratch, fear, gag, sweat, dwell, agitate, fuss, eat into, provoke, erode, worry, fray, corrode, ruffle, brood, choke, gall, agonize, pain, anguish, swither.

Usage examples for fret

  1. I bent over Amory and said, with the best intentions in the world of being reassuring, " Remember, do not fret about going North or about anything else of that kind; that is coming out all right." – Kitty's Conquest by Charles King