Synonyms for Wasted:


cadaverous (adjective)
skin and bones.
damaged (adjective)
destroyed (adjective)
emaciated (adjective)
gaunt, atrophied, lean, bony, skeletal, thin, haggard.
reduced (adjective)
wasted (adjective)
residual, Misspent, despoiled, decayed.
weary (adjective)
drowsy, footsore, debilitated, over-weary, worn-out, cheerless, depressed, Frazzled, feeble, trying, uphill, sleepy, Wayworn, weary, weak, toilsome, exhausted, listless, flaccid, fatigued, apathetic, bored, blue, run down, tired, limp, faint, droopy.


bandy, flat-footed, fracture, ambidextrous, bow-legged, digital, ingrown, asleep, fused, bowed. shrunken, underutilized, skin and bones, underused, Misspent, better. drunk (noun)
hard-drinking, hungover, alcoholic.
squandered (noun)
scattered, drained, Misapplied, consumed, down the drain, depleted, useless, spent, eaten up, unappreciated, thrown-away, to no avail, gone for nothing, shriveled, of no use.
wasted (noun)
ruined, desolated, gaunt, lost, devastated, superfluous, desolate, diminished, lean, bony, emaciated, pinched, skeletal, cadaverous, blasted, otiose, squandered, atrophied, destroyed, pointless, thin, haggard, ravaged, worthless.


damaged (verb)
pillaged, wreaked havoc, wrecked, damaged, Depredated, vandalized, marred, ravaged, ransacked, laid waste, despoiled, rent, ruined, spoiled.
wasted (verb)
sloped, Excreted, Leaked, dejected.

Other synonyms:

underused, underutilized. shrunken. drunk
hard-drinking, hungover, alcoholic.

Usage examples for wasted

  1. The time, however, had not been wasted by him. – With Moore At Corunna by G. A. Henty
  2. But they've wasted a lot of your time to no purpose. – Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun
  3. No, no, nothing's wasted there's a forward end to pain, somewhere. – Slippy McGee, Sometimes Known as the Butterfly Man by Marie Conway Oemler