Synonyms for Intoxicated:


blind drunk (adjective)
dead drunk.
drunk (adjective)
inebriated, tipsy, loaded, smashed, blind, potted, Boozed, tight, bombed, high, looped.
drunken (adjective)
bootlegging, addicted, carousing, intemperate, dipsomaniac, inebriated, boozy, dead drunk, alcoholic, bacchanalian.
extremely happy (adjective)
stimulated, excited, dizzy.
looped (adjective)
high as a kite.
stoned (adjective)
tipsy (adjective)
fuddled, tipsy.


content, alive, exuberant, pleased, glad, happy, contented, satisfied, carefree, cheerful. stimulated, rapt, overwhelmed. blind, looped, high as a kite, inebriate, zonked, bombed, stewed, stinko, Boozed, cockeyed, sodden, pickled, potted, drunk as a skunk, stinking, crapulent, Drugs, crapulous. drunk (noun)
hungover, hard-drinking, dizzy.
intoxicated (noun)
tight, slopped, bacchic, soaked, excited, bacchanalian, stoned, tiddley, loaded, doped, inebriated, boozy, plastered, crocked, smashed, orgiastic, narcotised, fuddled, mellow, soused, drugged, tiddly, high, beery, wet, bibulous, Half seas over, blotto, potty, sottish, pie-eyed, stiff, besotted, tipsy, bacchanal, narcotized, hopped-up, blind drunk, sozzled, sloshed, squiffy, pixilated, carousing.

Other synonyms:

looped, crapulent, potted, bombed, stewed, Boozed, pickled, stinko, crapulous, happy. zonked, stinking, inebriate. sodden, cockeyed. blind. drunk
hungover, hard-drinking.
Half seas over.
Other relevant words:
pie-eyed, plastered, bombed, dizzy, doped, mellow, loaded, sottish, crocked, excited, stinking, pickled, slopped, pixilated, hopped-up, exuberant, stoned, beery, squiffy, potty, stewed, looped, besotted, wet, stimulated, bacchic, sloshed, fuddled, stiff, bibulous, soaked, soused, hungover, orgiastic, cockeyed, narcotised, Boozed, high, tiddly, tight, zonked, tiddley, stinko, potted, blotto, tipsy, smashed, crapulent, narcotized, blind, happy, hard-drinking, bacchanal, high as a kite, drugged, sozzled, crapulous, sodden, inebriate.

Usage examples for intoxicated

  1. The desire was in his blood- Before he was eighteen he was brought home intoxicated and unconscious. – Our Nervous Friends Illustrating the Mastery of Nervousness by Robert S. Carroll
  2. Mr Wells must, also, have been slightly intoxicated by the first effects of reaction. – H. G. Wells by J. D. Beresford
  3. Had not life, or rather had not death, intoxicated him? – The Magic Skin by Honore de Balzac