Synonyms for Elevated:


all (adjective)
elated (adjective)
elevated (adjective)
exalted, lifted, raised, virtuous, elated, uplifted, eloquent, aerial, upraised, ethical, inflated.
eminent (adjective)
esteemed, illustrious, prominent, well-known, preeminent, renowned, Famed, noteworthy, notable, celebrated, high-ranking, distinguished, dominant.
ethical (adjective)
decent, proper, correct, just, right.
increased (adjective)
enlarged, extended, increased, multiplied, larger, inflated, swollen, additional, magnified, augmented, expanded.
noble (adjective)
powerful (adjective)
dominant, powerful, high-powered, supreme, formidable, commanding, influential, autocratic, important.
reputable (adjective)
famous, notable, pronounced, distinguished, fabled, popular, prominent, remarkable, memorable, well-known, esteemed, notorious, preeminent, renowned, legendary, acclaimed, reputed, illustrious, exalted, Famed, mythical, celebrated, noteworthy.
superior (adjective)


aloft, uppermost, top, high up, over, aerial, upper, above, topmost. ethical, rise, just, virtuous, irreproachable, decent, right, correct, proper. high-ranking. moral. eloquent, style. elated, overjoyed, elate, happy, up. elevated (noun)
overhead, raised.


ascended (verb)
risen, Climbed, rose, lifted, Ascended, levitated, Floated, mounted, Soared, scaled.
elevate (verb)
elate, increase.
elevated (verb)
upraised, Reared, escalated, Erected, uplifted, Hoisted.
heightened (verb)
increased (verb)
extended, inflated, augmented, fattened, enlarged, expanded, Widened, Grew, accrued, incremented, Broadened, maximized, multiplied, Boosted, magnified, lengthened, Amplified, added, grown, advanced, increased, Heightened, reinforced, upgraded, raised, burgeoned.

Other synonyms:

commanding, topmost, uppermost, high-ranking, aloft, knee-high. overjoyed, upper, elated, top, high up. eloquent, precipitous, above, over. up. moral. in the air

Usage examples for elevated

  1. Shortly after we reached his elevated and picturesque seat, we were joined by Mr. Cranstoun, a planter, who had been invited to dine with us. – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society
  2. I determined that, if ever I got a really big store with a lot of help, I would find some way of knowing what every one did, so that the fellow that did things would not be pushed to one side by the fellow who merely elevated himself with talk. – Dawson Black: Retail Merchant by Harold Whitehead