Synonyms for Interested:


attentive (adjective)
cautious, rapt, careful, Concentrating, mindful, enraptured, sharp, Immersed, intent, alert, absorbed, entranced, diligent, attentive, engrossed, regardful, observant, vigilant, concerned, heedful, Hearkening, watchful, responsible, Scrutinizing, Considering, observing, fascinated.
attracted (adjective)
concerned, curious (adjective)
inspired, prejudiced, keen, responsive, touched, affected, drawn, struck, fired, fascinated, sympathetic, moved, intent, engrossed, hooked, absorbed, attentive, taken, biased, excited, partial, involved, occupied, stimulated, impressed.
curious (adjective)
snoopy, peeking, prying, inquisitive, agog, nosy, poking, fascinated, searching, meddlesome, Eavesdropping, curious, agape, questioning, investigative, Peering, overcurious.
enthusiastic (adjective)
eager, keen, motivated, avid, wholehearted, fervent, hooked, mad about something, born-again.
involved with (adjective)


drawn, impressed, sympathetic, responsive, charmed, can't put something down, exuberant, enthusiastic, struck, psyched, inspired, tired, wired, alive, Intrigued, stimulated, excited, moved, bored, touched, affected, anticipatory, engaged. occupied, busy, biased, indifferent, partial, taken, disinterested, prejudiced, impartial, fired. concern. interested (noun)
curious, fascinated, involved, concerned.


attracted (verb)

Other synonyms:

anticipatory, biased, wired, exuberant, psyched, affected, excited, enthusiastic. engaged. eager
Other relevant words:
concern, excited, enthusiastic, sympathetic, drawn, biased, charmed, keen, anticipatory, occupied, stimulated, prejudiced, touched, psyched, responsive, engaged, involved, impressed, affected, Intrigued, partial.

Usage examples for interested

  1. " No," said Blake, who saw that she was interested – Blake's Burden by Harold Bindloss
  2. " And you are interested in my late aunt's curios," suggested Iris. – The Diamond Pin by Carolyn Wells