Synonyms for Passionate:


angry (adjective)
irritable, tempestuous, hotheaded, quick-tempered, heated, touchy, inflamed, choleric, stormy.
desirous (adjective)
greedy, Concupiscent, desirous, expectant, amorous, needful, Thirsting, yearning, acquisitive, hungry, lustful, eager, Lusting, grasping, covetous, itching, ardent, fond, urgent, hankering, longing, hopeful.
destructive (adjective)
emotional (adjective)
responsive, deeply felt, emotional, sympathetic, warm, soulful, hot-blooded, ardent, feverish, sensitive, heart-felt.
enthusiastic (adjective)
avid, wholehearted, zealous, born-again, keen, warm, hooked, fervent, motivated, mad about something.
excitable (adjective)
fragile, overzealous, rash, touchy, crusty, impulsive, hotheaded, brittle, fiery, ardent, reckless, sensitive, excitable, explosive, tempestuous, volcanic, irritable, stormy, cranky, vehement, quick-tempered, combustible, short-tempered, emotional, high-strung, hot-tempered, volatile, nervous, edgy.
excited (adjective)
attentive, aroused, impassioned, exhilarated, animated, feverish, inflamed, anxious, electrified, burning, Energized, fervent, disturbed, effervescent, stimulated, turbulent, excited, ardent, fiery, disquieted, agitated, aflame, breathless.
excited; enthusiastic (adjective)
fervid, blazing, stirring, forceful, inspiring, intense, heated, eloquent, wild, glowing, poignant, animated, affecting, impulsive, burning, zealous, emotional, violent, dramatic, flaming, expressive, fiery, vehement, melodramatic, warm, deep, spirited, fervent, thrilling, moving, eager, strong, impassioned.
lively (adjective)
loving (adjective)
erotic, friendly, fond, infatuated, faithful, endearing, intimate, affectionate, adoring, admiring, sentimental, devoted, romantic, amorous, worshipful, caring, cherishing, tender, desirous, loving.
overenthusiastic (adjective)
sensual, desirous (adjective)
hot, lustful, stimulated, prurient, libidinous, Concupiscent, amorous, ardent, romantic, loving, aroused, sultry, desirous, steamy, wistful, erotic, lascivious.
sensuous (adjective)
sultry, torrid.
vigorous (adjective)
fiery, potent, sprightly, burning, fervent, earnest, industrious, frisky, spirited, enthusiastic, emphatic, prolific, energetic, ablaze, lusty, agitated, peppy, powerful, active, puissant, afire, ardent, exuberant, zestful, zippy, animated, vigorous, full-blooded, mettlesome, strenuous, zealous, virile, excited, hearty, lively, strong, eager, impassioned.


hysterical, histrionic, soulful. excite, vehement, want, on the pull, arouse, desire. intense. amative, Concupiscent, libidinous, prurient, lecherous, lascivious, lewd. flaming, hot-blooded, dithyrambic, glowing, red hot, scorching, feelings, blazing, heated. ardent (noun)
forceful, blazing, inspiring, deep, dramatic, stirring, intense, hot, glowing, flaming, swelling, sultry, affecting, warm, steamy, expressive, thrilling, wistful, exciting, moving, stimulating, eloquent, Concupiscent, heated, hot-blooded, poignant, melodramatic.
intense (noun)
passionate (noun)
fervent, burning, perfervid, demon-ridden, fervid, aroused, rabid, fanatical, wild, impassioned, aflame, lustful, fanatic, torrid, overzealous, ablaze, fiery, turned on, lusty, ardent, choleric.


intensified (verb)

Other synonyms:

histrionic, melodramatic, blazing, hot-blooded, soulful, prurient, dithyrambic, amative, hysterical. violent, moving, libidinous, lecherous. lewd, scorching, flaming, lascivious, red hot. glowing. eager
Other relevant words:
heated, dithyrambic, demon-ridden, expressive, hysterical, eloquent, turned on, torrid, blazing, flaming, wholehearted, intense, hotheaded, glowing, libidinous, hot, violent, dramatic, lecherous, red hot, amative, scorching, wild, deep, hooked, exciting, fanatic, prurient, vehement, warm, Concupiscent, thrilling, avid, perfervid, melodramatic, overzealous, lascivious, fanatical, sultry, rabid, poignant, choleric, stirring, hot-blooded, moving, fervid, inspiring, soulful, aflame, keen, steamy, lewd, lustful, wistful, affecting, forceful, stimulating.

Usage examples for passionate

  1. She was passionate and fierce, and because the blood would flood suddenly to her cheek, so that she who had seemed a lily became, while you looked upon her, a rose, she was called Flame Lady. – Irish Fairy Tales by James Stephens
  2. She was not a passionate child; but for some hours a storm of passion filled her heart which she could not control. – Opportunities by Susan Warner
  3. It did not prevent, in the Dream, his pressing his Hand to his Heart at moments when it was logical that he should have done so, nor did it rob his Voice of the Proper Passionate Inflection. – The Heart of Arethusa by Francis Barton Fox