Synonyms for Motivated:


compelled (adjective)
enthusiastic (adjective)
eager, fervent, avid, mad about something, wholehearted, hooked, keen, enthusiastic, born-again.
motivated (adjective)
induced, driven, stimulated, provoked, triggered, forceful, Energized, fired.


knock on, thus, hence, From, consequently, therefore, by virtue of something, as a consequence/in consequence, accordingly, ensuing. motivated (noun)
actuated, driven, impelled.


aided (verb)
Tended, fostered, Helped, endowed, Benefited, supported, funded, Served, attended, Mothered, aided, Ministered, sustained, Abetted, relieved, assisted, facilitated.
caused (verb)
enforced, forced, inspired, Generated, Brought, executed, Originated, induced, made, evoked, provoked, Engineered, Acted, gave rise to, effected, Caused, given rise to, brought about, Engendered, elicited, produced, driven, drove.
compelled (verb)
Galvanized, compelled, Fomented, stressed, impelled, Urged, Coerced, sparked, intimidated, Incited, Dragooned, goaded, stimulated, Bulldozed, browbeat, mandated, daunted, Nagged, bullied, pressed, Propelled, obliged, browbeaten, hijacked, dictated, Pushed.
influenced (verb)
led, powered, empowered, Influenced, Commanded, affected, controlled, Swayed, mastered, biased, authorized, prejudiced, Predominated, pressured.
motivated (verb)
Flung, Launched, stricken, thrust, Energized, fired, struck, Enticed, Hurled, Shoved, heaved, Jogged, Threw, Slung, moved, Instigated, Prodded, Hurtled, Punched, catapulted, Rammed, Jerked, jolted, Hastened, pitched, Lobbed, Bumped, shot, nudged, magnetized, Knocked, thrown, triggered, fermented, Poked, Jostled.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
born-again, keen, enthusiastic, actuated.

Usage examples for motivated

  1. To them, motivated by the spirit of the time, hard conditions required stern handling. – The First Seventeen Years: Virginia 1607-1624 by Charles E. Hatch