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become - 233 results
suit (verb)

satisfy, benefit, please, suit, dovetail, serve, fit.

Other synonyms:

constrain, suit, fetch, call on, pass away, sustain, dumbfound, kick the bucket, go away, reverse, change by reversal, break, befit, detract from, take, tend, execute, reach, arrive, draw, commence, bring forth, sire, adorn, bewilder, move, buzz off, choke, suffer, get down, last, constitute, ferment, bugger off, start out, buy the farm, lead, live, compel, mother, garnish, beautiful, croak, generate, beseem, distort, wrench, puzzle, nonplus, grace, die, obtain, feel, get, baffle, deform, gravel, fix, perplex, come up to, break down, belong, sound, arrest, render, stupefy, fail, belong to, develop, behoove, exit, conk, enrich, set out, turn into, match, measure up, vex, decease, release, catch, flatter, incur, pass, do, proceed, construct, look, bring about, pose, manufacture, receive, flex, rick, contract, survive, beat, pay off, display, bring into being, blend in, turn over, frame, give out, go, sour, agree with, effect, cause, alter, produce, qualify, make up, diversify, embellish, change into, accommodate, hold up, work, make out, beget, appear, twist, rifle, engender, speak for itself, shape, spoil, form, occasion, hold out, sprain, conform, bring, establish, require, live on, pay back, give way, come over, mystify, travel, live up to, get under one's skin, capture, heighten, change state, scram, fabricate, go with, conk out, wax, run low, bend, correspond, begin, amaze, create, cash in one's chips, be, run short, ornament, agree, let, acquire, experience, find, grow, function, match up, compose, aim, have, come, perform, endure, go bad, make, run, fit in with, drive, perish, plump, plough, expire, mature, flummox, shift, depart, father, stick, force, change, operate, locomote, snuff it, move around, set off, turn, blend, lend itself to something, extend, stimulate, wrick, convey, bring to pass, enhance, induce, drop dead, convert, fashion, plow, get going, go into, give-up the ghost, start, pop off, set about.

Examples of usage:

Your old friend knows what will become you best!" - "A Vanished Hand", Sarah Doudney.

This may become a great good to you both. - "Desperate Remedies", Thomas Hardy.

And so you wish to become a brother of the House of Martha? - "The House of Martha", Frank R. Stockton.

Similar words:

become flat, Became, becomes.

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