Synonyms for Enchantment:


the black arts, curse, alchemy, ESP, halloween, extrasensory perception, enchanted, black magic. advantage, allurement, happiness, virtue, edge, good, trump card, attraction, incentive, rapture, asset, merit, benefit, privilege. like, kick, excitement, pleasure, witchery, ecstasy, glamour, delight, appeal, anticipation, draw, satisfaction, joie de vivre, pull, allure, wonder, enthusiasm, attractiveness, charisma, magnetism, enticement, lure, call. appeal (noun)
attraction (noun)
allurement, attractiveness, captivation.
enchantment (noun)
captivation, enthrallment, spell, fascination, trance, bewitchment.
feeling (noun)
captivation, enthrallment, fascination.
great delight (noun)
attraction, captivation, happiness, fascination, rapture, allurement.
magic (noun)
magic, charm, sorcery, witchery.
pleasurableness (noun)
brightness, contentment, delectability, sunniness, favorableness, cheerfulness, fineness, jollity, bliss, entertainment, joyfulness, charm, amusement, gaiety, enjoyment, agreeableness, pleasantness, Bonniness, delightfulness, pleasurable.
spell (noun)

Other synonyms:

attractiveness, allurement, black magic, alchemy, enchanted, ESP, curse, the black arts, magic, halloween, extrasensory perception. glamour, happiness, witchery, magnetism, charisma. enticement, attraction. lure, allure. appeal. black magic
Other relevant words:
bewitchment, attractiveness, ESP, delight, alchemy, ecstasy, attraction, glamour, witchery, allure, draw, fascination, black magic, enthusiasm, allurement, call, enchanted, magnetism, pleasure, enticement, captivation, lure, appeal, sorcery, halloween, curse, enthrallment, trance, magic, pull, happiness, rapture, spell, charisma, wonder.

Usage examples for enchantment

  1. The poetry and enchantment of the land are all his own, and 'Casa Braccio' gives promise of being his masterpiece.... – Paul Patoff by F. Marion Crawford
  2. The solemn enchantment of the scene was on them still. – The Northern Iron 1907 by George A. Birmingham
  3. And the Plough, remembering its master's word, turned and set its face to where lay the garden with Melilot waiting to be relieved of her enchantment – The Field of Clover by Laurence Housman