Synonyms for Counsel:


urge, preach, give someone a steer, enjoin someone to do something, would. chief justice, adviser, bailiff, Attorney General, the bench, circuit judge, the bar, clerk. consultation, conference, words, parley, deliberation. advice, opinion, recommendation. law, ambulance chaser. mentor, consultant. advice (noun)
hint, reassurance, tip, pointer.
counsel (noun)
advocate, pleader, guidance, counseling, advise, counselor, counsellor, counselor-at-law, direction, counselling.
guidance (noun)
consultation, advice, caution, direction, suggestion, recommendation, tip, deliberation.
jurist (noun)
legal adviser, counsellor.
lawyer (noun)
counselor, attorney, barrister, notary public, solicitor, shyster, legal adviser, lawyer.
legal representative (noun)
attorney, adviser, advocate, counselor, solicitor, shyster, legal adviser, barrister.
person (noun)
counsellor, advocate, pleader, counselor-at-law, counselor.
warning (noun)


advise (verb)
advise, inform, encourage, guide, confer, consult, direct, suggest, admonish, warn, brief, cue, prompt, notify, caution, recommend, instruct, advocate.
give advice (verb)
advise, urge, admonish, inform, instruct, warn, suggest, direct, prompt, guide, recommend.

Other synonyms:

ambulance chaser, recommendation, would, preach. consultant, consultation, mentor. deliberation, parley, urge. conference. advise
prompt, mentor.
guidance, advice.

Usage examples for counsel

  1. To whom did you counsel it? – A Son of the Immortals by Louis Tracy
  2. Then there be the crew to reckon for- to keep their counsel and lend a hand; 'twill mean another hundred at the least. – The Sea-Hawk by Raphael Sabatini