Synonyms for Name:


conclude, handle, decide, resolve, patronymic, settle, adjudicate, determine, sign, commit yourself, come down, make up your mind, signature. curse, nom de plume, insult, pseudonym, pen name, go by, alias, nickname, answer to, name after, baptize, number off, call after. Christian Name, personage, star, lion, family name, celebrity, assumed name, hero, a.k.a., first name. castigate, slander, tab, single out, defame, attack, anoint, put in, put into, pick. specific, appellative, vip, words, superstar, living legend, the glitterati, sleb, icon. jibe, offense, name calling, reputation, rep, repute, character, offence, respect, slur, cut, kiss off, slight. luminary, knowledge, personality, big-name, notable. celebrity (noun)
dignitary (noun)
name (noun)
star, reputation, nom de plume, identify, epithet, signature, public figure, designation, character, bring up, sign, pseudonym, call, make, appellation, honor, label, alias, superstar, pen name, appoint, luminary, advert, hero, patronymic, discover, title, key, term, renown, identity, distinguish, personality, diagnose, constitute, tag, gens, nominate, figure, describe, nickname, notable, moniker, surname, list, cite, mention, repute, refer, rep, key out.
nomenclature (noun)
identification, moniker, honorific, surname.
reputation (noun)
prestige, Fame, profile, infamy, track record, standing, status.
title given to something, someone (noun)
very important person (noun)
word (noun)
terminology, thesaurus, word, lexicon, jargon, vocabulary, nomenclature, verbiage.


appoint (verb)
determine, settle, assign.
assign (verb)
deputize, entrust, authorize, refer.
attach (verb)
delegate (verb)
authorize, deputize, designate, delegate, charge, assign, appoint, consign, entrust, commission.
name (verb)
designate, identify, commission, nominate, christen, mention, baptize, make, title, delegate, appoint, tab, cite, call, list, single out, nomenclature.

Other synonyms:

nickname, signature, rep, big-name, single out, answer to, appellative, reputation, call after, number off, name calling, put into, name after. baptize, anoint, handle, repute, celebrity. lion, go by, luminary, jibe, put in, notable, pick. personality, slight, hero, kiss off. tab. personage. character. authorize
single out.
Other relevant words:
determine, insult, reputation, slight, patronymic, refer, renown, make, public figure, star, distinguish, notable, celebrity, prestige, key out, list, standing, first name, advert, nom de plume, tab, alias, Fame, figure, repute, respect, cite, discover, constitute, honor, baptize, describe, kiss off, lion, handle, bring up, hero, key, pseudonym, superstar, pen name, big-name, mention, personality, nickname, family name, personage, signature, slur, pick, gens, rep, diagnose, appellative, status, conclude, vip, sign, character, luminary, anoint, nominate, single out.

Usage examples for name

  1. I was glad to see my name – Sandra Belloni by George Meredith, v1 by George Meredith
  2. This person's name was Holtz. – Jane Talbot by Charles Brockden Brown
  3. Did you never hear the name – The Princess Virginia by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson