Synonyms for Immense:


big (adjective)
ample, bulky, capacious, sizable, walloping, spacious, roomy, copious, whopping, voluminous.
broad (adjective)
expansive, large, generous.
bulky (adjective)
high, big.
colossal (adjective)
cyclopean, mountainous, gargantuan.
cosmic (adjective)
difficult (adjective)
elephantine (adjective)
towering, grand.
immense (adjective)
tremendous, limitless, eternal, stupendous, mammoth, gigantic, vast, giant, humongous, extensive, endless, mighty, Brobdingnagian, infinite, huge, monstrous, prodigious, monumental, great, elephantine, massive, jumbo, enormous, titanic, colossal.
infinite (adjective)
large (adjective)
capacious, comprehensive, lofty, extensive, bulky, mammoth, huge, voluminous, expansive, sizable, gargantuan, grandiose, colossal, big, elephantine, grand, impressive, humongous, cavernous, roomy, massive, giant, soaring, baggy, copious, spacious, magnificent, towering, awesome, majestic, princely, enormous, generous, gigantic, large, ample, great, tremendous, prodigious, vast.


king-size, high. herculean, monumental, Pythonic, mighty, heroic, Massy, titanic, behemoth, mountainous, monstrous, mastodonic, stupendous, monster, Brobdingnagian, Bunyanesque, Gigantesque, jumbo, cyclopean, walloping, whopping. boundless (noun)
eternal, infinite, limitless, endless.

Other synonyms:

cyclopean, Massy, Pythonic, mastodonic, Bunyanesque, walloping, Gigantesque. mountainous, titanic, whopping, monumental. heroic, monstrous, stupendous, herculean. mighty. monster. tall
Other relevant words:
eternal, monster, mountainous, Massy, cyclopean, walloping, high, mastodonic, Pythonic, whopping, titanic, monstrous, infinite, jumbo, limitless, mighty, Brobdingnagian, heroic, Bunyanesque, endless, herculean, stupendous, king-size, behemoth, Gigantesque, monumental.

Usage examples for immense

  1. If it was love that was now stirring so strangely at his heart, he did not know it was love; he thought it was still the pity that he had felt for the girl's immense calamity. – The Quality of Mercy by W. D. Howells
  2. He had noticed it while they were searching for a place to conceal themselves, and had been struck with its immense size. – The Lone Ranche by Captain Mayne Reid
  3. There's money in it- big- the publicity value would be immense – His Second Wife by Ernest Poole