Synonyms for Pieces:


allotments (noun)
allowances, divisions, parcels, chunks, Quanta, allotments, allocations, assignments, lots, splits, Measures, segments, parts, rations, dispensations, stakes, percentages, stipends, partitions, slices, quotas, commissions, shares, proportions, Budgets, portions.
amounts (noun)
Quantities, totals, sums, Tallies, numbers, amounts.
components (noun)
fragments, elements, features, constituents, matters, materials, sections, filaments, items, components, factors, media, ingredients, articles.
fractions (noun)
quarters, numerators, thirds, denominators.
portions (noun)
sectors, compartments, bits, zones, interests, members, subdivisions, dividends, Halves, helpings, cuts, stocks, fractions.
weapons (noun)
bullets, rockets, bombers, rapiers, scimitars, shooters, handguns, daggers, muzzles, pistols, flamethrowers, blunderbusses, Brownings, artilleries, claymores, Shotguns, Spears, ammunitions, stilettoes, Batteries, blowpipes, blowguns, Knives, lances, machine guns, weapons, heaters, Cannons, muskets, carbines, javelins, bayonets, weaponry, howitzers, Remingtons, bows and arrows, broadswords, bazookas, Firearms, triggers, Rifles, Guns, repeaters, swords, clubs, sabers, Cutlasses, mortars, revolvers, Torpedoes, boomerangs, lugers, maces, Colts, armaments, arrows, machetes, peashooters, shells, missiles, Winchesters, Sidewinders, Axes, ordnances.


portions (verb)
divides, allows, apportions, compartmentalizes, subdivides, allots, dismembers.

Usage examples for pieces

  1. It will fall to pieces – A Fool and His Money by George Barr McCutcheon
  2. But suppose some one lying in wait in the room cut the snake into pieces will not the king's son in that case be saved? – Folk-Tales of Bengal by Lal Behari Day
  3. " Yes, it is very pretty and quiet," said she, and the small fingers pulled to pieces one of the rose leaves that Carry had thrown at her. – Macleod of Dare by William Black