Synonyms for Remark:


afterthought, backchat, bromide, acknowledgment, allusion, barb, back talk. pronounce on, state, formulate, air, speak out, sound off, articulate, express. tell, identify, spot, recognize, pick out. words. mind, descry, distinguish, discern, see, knowledge. answer (noun)
comment (noun)
conclusion, discussion, saying, witticism, assertion, illustration, statement, aside, expression, point, word, reflection, bon mot.
memory (noun)
remark (noun)
talk, illustration, acknowledgment, mention, word, point, mind, statement, bon mot, comment, conclusion, assertion, reflection, observe, back talk, saying, note, expression, witticism.
speech (noun)
spoken word, prattle, report, recitation, oration, jabbering, locution, voice, debate, patter, oral communication, babbling, chat, allocution, circumlocution, chattering, chitchat, speaking, elocution, talking, discussion, dialect, speech, dialog, vocalization.
verbalization (noun)
witticism (noun)
bon mot.
word (noun)


annotate (verb)
comment (verb)
remark (verb)
observe, speak, state, descry, say, spot, see.
speak (verb)
talk, tattle, jabber, vocalize, recite, discuss, preach, gab, orate, lecture, say, chatter, speak, babble.

Other synonyms:

speak out, articulate, sound off, see, pronounce on, statement. formulate. descry, express. discern, distinguish. state. air. reference
Other relevant words:
state, knowledge, afterthought, point, bon mot, allusion, statement, words, conclusion, illustration, comment, saying, aside, assertion, recognize, back talk, mention, air, reflection, bromide, word, formulate, distinguish, expression, observe, barb, express, acknowledgment, articulate, identify, witticism, descry, mind, tell, note, backchat, discern, see, spot.

Usage examples for remark

  1. " Now, we'll take the money first to make sure of it," was the next remark addressed to the company in general. – Elsie at Nantucket by Martha Finley
  2. A long sigh followed the remark – Philosopher Jack by R.M. Ballantyne
  3. Such was the remark of one of the boys. – The Eagle Cliff by R.M. Ballantyne