Synonyms for Locution:


word, case, allophone, allomorph, collocate, term, accusative, cleft sentence, adjunct, article, antecedent, words. articulation (noun)
communication (noun)
saying, expression.
locution (noun)
saying, expression.
phrase (noun)
mannerism, idiom, proverb, adage, sentence, phraseology, metaphor, cliche, euphemism, maxim, motto, Verbalism, epigram, phrase, slogan, expression, clause, catchphrase, figure of speech, paragraph, terminology.
phrasing (noun)
dialect, phraseology, expression.
speech (noun)
chattering, remark, circumlocution, recitation, dialog, patter, report, elocution, discussion, oration, voice, allocution, speech, dialect, speaking, talking, chat, vocalization, jabbering, chitchat, babbling, debate, oral communication, spoken word, prattle.
verbalization (noun)
word (noun)

Other synonyms:

word, term. Other relevant words:
term, case, allophone, allomorph, collocate, saying, accusative, words, adjunct, article, antecedent, word.

Usage examples for locution

  1. He searched at once the passages quoted from classic English literature as illustrations of usage, and if these did not justify the particular locution under consideration, he rejected and condemned it. – Recollections of a Varied Life by George Cary Eggleston