Synonyms for Squelch:


burble, buzz, babble, grate, click, ding, cough, blow. continue, conclude, wind down, proscribe, round off, quash, bring something to an end/a close/a halt, call a halt (to something), break, discontinue, win, choke off, end, wind up. hold back, gag, throttle, repress, smother, restraint, hold-down, sit on, burke, hush, stifle, choke, muffle, strangle. crush (noun)
censure, thwart.
squelch (noun)
splash, squish, splosh, takedown, quell, quench, squash, squelch circuit, slosh, put down, crush, squelcher, slop, squeeze, mash.


suppress, restrain (verb)
crush, smother, strangle, repress, squash, sit on, thwart, censure, muffle, stifle, quench.

Other synonyms:

burke. throttle, repress, hush, stifle, quash. strangle, muffle, smother. choke. put-down
put down.
choke off.
Other relevant words:
crush, quash, throttle, muffle, strangle, hold back, restraint, buzz, smother, sit on, choke, burke, repress, stifle, censure, hush, thwart, choke off, end, gag.

Usage examples for squelch

  1. A boy with a fifteen- and- sixpenny toy revolver you can laugh at and squelch but, Alamachtig! – The Dop Doctor by Clotilde Inez Mary Graves