Synonyms for Analysis:


lastly (adverb)
finally, everything considered, in conclusion.


dissection, breakdown, check, division, due diligence, subdivision, separation, scrutiny, search. analyse, free association, consciousness, analyze, ego, exposition, report, aversion therapy, review, collective unconscious, analyst, couch. anatomy, investigate, assemble. inspection, survey. analysis (noun)
analytic thinking, psychoanalysis, depth psychology.
dissertation (noun)
contention, article, argument, dissertation, conjecture, position, criticism, thesis, research, hypothesis, commentary, essay, assertion, opinion, discussion, critique, postulation, interpolation, examination, premise.
examination (noun)
inquiry, judgment.
experiment (noun)
experiment, benchmark, determination, investigation, verification, trial, test, probe, proof.
interpretation (noun)
decoding, comment, condensation, Paraphrasing, explanation, translation, transcription, decipherment, facsimile, interpretation, version, rephrasing, restatement, elucidation, rendition.
reason (noun)
logic, reason, synthesis, inference, induction, deduction, conceptualization.
thought (noun)
study, meditation, speculation, concentration, reasoning, lucubration, daydreaming, intellection, engrossment, appraisal, absorption, contemplation, wistfulness, calculation, musing, preoccupation, attention, cogitation, weighing, pondering, brooding, cerebration, Debating, thought, reflection, evaluation, thinking, imagination, deliberation, consideration, envisioning, brain work.

Other synonyms:

division, scrutiny, ego, free association, couch, due diligence, aversion therapy, collective unconscious. consciousness, judgment, exposition, inquiry, analyze, search, analyst, review. breakdown, survey, anatomy, check. inspection. investigation
Other relevant words:
consciousness, couch, search, depth psychology, inquiry, analyze, anatomy, survey, analyse, exposition, review, report, scrutiny, dissection, analytic thinking, division, check, finally, breakdown, separation, inspection, subdivision, in conclusion, psychoanalysis, judgment.

Usage examples for analysis

  1. The heart of his analysis of the causation of prices is in ch. – The Value of Money by Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr.